2020 Goals and Beyond

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2020 Goals and Beyond

It’s that time of year again! Time to set some goals for the year. I’m not overly fond of calling them resolutions simply because I feel like that term has gotten over-used to the point that it’s almost meaningless for me. So I chose to call it “setting some goals” instead. Same concept, different terminology. Here are my 2020 goals and beyond!

Part of the reason I blog is to attempt to hold myself accountable because I have such shitty willpower. It doesn’t always work, but each year I keep trying. The only person who can control what happens is ultimately me, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a few people online to keep nagging me about my goals and how I’m progressing through the year. So nag away, my friends!

I try not to set anything arbitrary, like losing x amount of weight, because then that puts an extreme amount of pressure on me to meet that one goal, and when I don’t I feel like a complete failure. And since I didn’t meet that goal, what’s the point of meeting ANY of my goals. So I go with a bit more general concepts, like making healthier choices, etc. Maybe that sets me up for an easy out, but I feel like it works a little better for me.

So, on to this year’s goals!

Goal #1-Be a better blogger!

Plan out content, instead of trying to come up with posts by the seat of my pants. Post at least 10x a month. Make quality content, not content for quantity.

Goal #2-Meal plan for each week.

It honestly makes life so much easier! Instead of buying random shit at the grocery store and then trying to figure out what the hell to make each night, making up a simple meal plan saves me time and money, plus then I don’t have to fight with someone on dinner ideas.

Goal #3-Make my health a priority.

I plan on getting back into a largely gluten-free diet. I mean I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to make fresh pasta at home, but since that’s not an everyday thing for me, I don’t think it will affect me too much. I do feel quite a bit better when I am gluten-free, so I am going to make a more concentrated effort, now that the holidays are over, to get back to the GF life.

Goal #4-Get and maintain an exercise routine.

I love running, yoga, and cycling! I just don’t let myself make time for those things in my life. Sometimes the pull of the couch is too strong, or I allow the guilt of all the things I need to get done at home steer me away from getting a ride or a run in. I also would love to get into a regular yoga practice. I’ve done yoga long enough that I should be able to put together some asana flows, so it shouldn’t be the struggle that it is. My mental health benefits from yoga so much, that alone makes it worth it!

2020 goals and beyond

Goal #5-Skin Care Regimen.

Create and stick with a good skin care regimen! Going GF will help with this, but also I have to actually start taking care of my skin. I mean I am 35, and I’m starting to get all those crinkles and shit. So, since I don’t want to look like I’m 55 when I’m only 40, now’s the time to get with it.

Goal #6-Spend more time outside.

I love the outdoors, however, I don’t seem to spend a lot of time outside. Which, plainly, sucks ass. Being out in nature helps clear my mind. So I want to make an effort to learn fly fishing (I got a set up for Christmas!), kayak and camp more, and just get out and do things in nature.

Goal #7-Create, create, create

Whether it’s music, art, or writing, I want to exercise my creative reflexes a bit more than I did last year. So be prepared to see some shots of some potentially crappy art on my Instagram feed! Creating makes me happy, and practice makes progress!

Finally, my long-term goals! I’m putting these out here in writing. Tossing them out into the universe, so to speak! In the next five years I would like to:

-Publish a book
-Take my yoga teacher training certification
-Get certified as a holistic health coach

What are some of your goals for the New Year? Drop them below in the comments! Let me know what your 2020 goals and beyond are 🙂

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2 thoughts on “2020 Goals and Beyond

  1. Good stuff! All very doable, but I know how hard it is to stick to something. Could you sub gf flour for your pasta? Idk how it would turn out.

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