Workout Recaps Jan 1st-5th

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Workout Recaps Jan 1st-5th

I know it’s not an entire week’s worth of workouts, so just bear with me, ok? I was consistently going to yoga about three times a week until Christmas week when I took a little bit of a break before going balls to the wall with Yogapalooza. What is that? Each year, the studio I attend has a little contest in January. Practice for 30 of the 31 days and get entered to win a year of yoga classes. Practice 20 or more days and be entered to win a month of yoga classes. When I was doing taxes in the evenings, I wasn’t able to participate, but since I stopped doing taxes last year, it’s been possible for me to attend all the classes that I need to. I’m shooting for 30 days! Here are my workout recaps Jan 1st-5th.

Wednesday, Jan 1st- Gentle Yoga

I’m still undecided about this particular class. While at some points, I really felt the benefit of holding the poses for a longer period of time, maybe I wasn’t in the right mindset to accept the slower pace of the class. I didn’t feel like I “got” much out of it, but I’m going to guess that is a clue that I need to focus inward a bit more during my classes.

Thursday, Jan 2nd- YogaHour & 2-Mile Run

This class was a doozy! It wasn’t completely packed, but it was bordering on mat-to-mat contact. YogaHour classes are done in a warmer room than a regular class, and when you pack 30 people into the room, it gets steamy fast! We did some pretty intense poses, and worked right up until the end!

Also, someone in this class told me that I inspired them to take up running again, which is so cool! I try to get my inspiration from those around me, so to know that I can have that effect on a person as well is a huge confidence booster. Which was much needed after my slow run prior to class!

Friday, Jan 3rd-YogaHour

Such a fun class! Full of laughter, and of course some extreme sweatiness, it was much needed after a hectic day at work.

Saturday, Jan 4th- Snowball Series 5 Mile Run & Gentle Yoga

It was the second race of the Snowball series and the longest one at 5 miles. But Matt and I powered through the sharp wind and chilly temps for a fairly respectable time and then followed it up with a very relaxing gentle yoga class (which wasn’t on the schedule, but so many folks asked for it they added it! So that means I’m still doing good for Yogapalooza!)

Sunday, Jan 5th-Basics Yoga

I finished the week off with a basics yoga class. I didn’t want to do anything too intense like an expanding class or a yogahour, since I was still feeling it from the race on Saturday. It was nice to just slow it down a little and focus on form in some of my postures.

All in all, a good week. 5 for 5 during Yogapalooza, and also got in 7 miles for the short week. Getting back into running has been difficult because I lost a lot of the progress I had made when I was ordered off exercise by a chiropractor I was seeing a couple of years ago. It is frustrating to look back and see where I was in both yoga and running. Hopefully, with consistency and hard work, I can get back to where I was and progress from there!

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