Workout Recap January 6th-12th

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Workout Recap January 6th-12th

Another Monday means another week of workouts to recap! I spent this whole week feeling very much like I was dragging ass each day and I’m not really sure why I felt that way. I’m hoping that this week will be much better in the energy department. I’m 12 for 12 days this far for Yogapalooza, and I think by day eight I was really starting to feel it. I probably just need to make sure I’m getting my water in through the course of the day (it’s amazing how much better you feel when you’re properly hydrated) and make sure I’m taking my vitamins. And maybe stop eating so much candy? I’ll work on that.

On to the workouts!

Monday, January 6th-The Practice

This class is a more intensive class than both Expanding and YogaHour classes. It really breaks down the postures that you’re working on step by step to make certain that you’re really getting the benefits of the pose no matter what stage you’re at in the pose. We worked up to bird of paradise, which is a pretty intense pose! I needed to use a strap and even then couldn’t get my leg fully straightened when upright.

Tuesday, January 7th- 2 Mile Run & YogaHour

I had all the intentions of doing some speed work before yoga, but my left hip flexor/psoas area was not having it. I’m not sure what the deal was but it started to feel increasingly tight as I ran and didn’t loosen up when I tried to stretch it out. So my speed work turned into more of a run/walk session. YogaHour helped some, but it was still a little cranky when class was finished.

Wednesday, January 8th- YogaHour

I walked into this class fully prepared to not give it my best. I was just feeling so tired from seven straight days of yoga and the added running. I even told the instructor that I was just going to nap for the entire class. I didn’t, though, and actually felt pretty great by the time class was over.

Thursday, January 9th-YogaHour

I was so tired for this class. The night before I did not get to bed until after 11 p.m., which is no good for me. I’ve got to be in bed no later than 10, or else I’m feeling it the next day since I have to get up so early for work. I actually skipped going for a run and took a quick nap in my car before class started! I felt much better by the time class rolled around!

Friday, January 10th-YogaHour

Another day, another YogaHour class! They do offer other class types throughout the day, it’s just that YogaHour classes are what fits best with my schedule.

Saturday, January 11th-Expanding Yoga

First Expanding class of the year! The second class of the week where we worked toward bird of paradise pose. No run for the day because the weather just continued to deteriorate over the course of the day.

Sunday, January 12th-Basics Yoga

I needed this class so much! Even if it put me behind schedule for the next three things I had to do. I wish I could fit a few more less-intense classes into my schedule for yogapalooza, but that isn’t how the cookie crumbles I guess.

All in all, another productive week of yoga-ing and I did manage to get one run in there. The goals for this week are to work on my hydration issues and get in three runs. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been one full week into January! For some reason, I feel like we should already be in the third week or so. Whew!

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