Workout Recap January 13th-19th

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Workout Recap January 13th-19th

Another week, another set of workouts. I have more or less two weeks of Yogapalooza left, and then my workouts will be a little more varied. I know it’s been non-stop yoga, but that’s the whole point of the challenge. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win the year unlimited! Fingers crossed and all that jazz 😉

Monday, January 13th-The Practice

This class was tough at times. I’ve been really feeling everything this time around, but it’s possible that it has to do with the fact that I’ve been going non-stop since the first of January. My legs have definitely been feeling all the lunges we’ve been doing!

Tuesday, January 14th-YogaHour

This class was rough! We held some of the poses for what felt like ages, and then it felt a little rushed towards the end.

Wednesday, January 15th-YogaHour

This class felt a little more chill, and I’ve been using a lot of props for the past few classes, so things have been more accessible. One of the teachers said that there isn’t any shame in using props because every day will be different, so I’ve been giving myself a bit of a break and taking more modifications.

Thursday, January 16th-YogaHour

Another aggressively sweaty class in the books. As much as I love the YogaHour class format, sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself, lol!

Friday, January 17th-Basics

I took off work for the day because there was some pretty nasty weather forecasted for the afternoon and snuck out to the first class of the day. The afternoon classes were cancelled, so I could have gotten a free pass, but I honestly felt a little better for having actually made it to class.

Saturday, January 18th-Gentle Yoga

This class was amazing! We spent a good portion of the class in a yoga Nidra practice, which was like guided meditation and it was so relaxing. Honestly just what I needed after the long week of classes.

Sunday, January 19th-Basics

I wrapped the week up with another basics class because I just needed to take it a little slower. Although it wasn’t completely easy because she had us do core and back work so that’s always fun…But it was a good way to end the week worth of workouts!

I haven’t been running much, because it feels like too much almost on the days that I do run and go to yoga. I’ll most likely work on getting back into a regularly scheduled running routine after Yogapalooza ends, so there is that to look forward to. I have one more race left in the Snowball Series since I couldn’t make it to this weekend’s race (weather and course conditions were too much for me, so I’ll be completing the distance on my own to get my medal!).

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