My DIY Project Wrap Up

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My DIY Project Wrap Up

Being creative and making things is one of my favorite things to do. I love the process of putting elements together to create a design or watching something go from a blank canvas to a finished product. Sewing, baking, crafting, painting, you name it, I probably do it in some way, shape, or form! I thought I’d share a little wrap up of some of my projects from last year here on the blog, so you can get an idea of some of the things I like to do.

I started quilting not too long after getting married. My mother-in-law is an avid quilter, and it’s fun to watch the pattern take shape as you piece the puzzle together. My grandmother would make quilts for each one of her children and grandchildren after they got married, but she passed away in May of last year. My sister got married in October, and I wanted to keep that tradition alive, so I decided to make her and her husband a quilt as a wedding gift. This particular pattern is called a Carpenter’s Star and if it weren’t for Matt and my MIL, it would have never turned out as straight as it is!

Matt and I, as well as two other couples, all went to Oahu in March last year. I made us girls pineapple shirts and I made the whole group coozie holders to commemorate our trip! I got a heat press for Christmas, so expect to see a lot more shirts and projects like that in the future.

Matt and I recently began making our own maple syrup and I created this logo to put on our syrup bottles!

I’ve eyeballed those super-chunky knit blankets for years! The yarn went on super-sale at Micheal’s, so I grabbed enough to hand-knit this throw to put at the end of our bed. It’s so cozy!

I attempted bread this year with my baking, and made another semi-successful round of cake pops!

These also weren’t all of my projects, but it was a pretty successful year of making things. Looking forward to this year and all my upcoming projects!

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