January Wrap Up

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January Wrap Up

Whew! Was it just me or did January seem to drag on for about 87 years? It feels like it should probably be St. Patrick’s Day coming up instead of Valentine’s Day. January was such a busy month for me, with Yogapalooza and everything else that just kind of sneaks in there when you aren’t expecting it.

Speaking of Yogapalooza, today is the last day! After class tonight I will have gone every single day (which you can read about in my workout recaps, here, here, here, and here). As much as I love yoga, for all the benefits both mental and physical, my body is ready for a break! I’m sure there are times I pushed things a little too hard, and as a result, strained some muscles here and there, so I’m looking forward to a nice little yoga vacation at the beginning of February! I also have one more race in the Snowball series tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to wrapping that up too!

January was filled with some amazing eats as well! I mentioned my sister and I doing the whole cooking via FaceTime thing, and even reviewed the first recipe we cooked together, Stuffed Cabbage Casserole! We made several other really great recipes, too, the most recent one being a taco chili that was pretty fantastic. I also had a dinner out at a new-to-me restaurant that I plan on reviewing for you guys coming up in February, so be on the look-out for that.

I posted about cold-weather accessories and my favorite tips and tricks to get outside during the colder winter days. I also posted about my skincare routine and the products that I’ve been using and loving recently. I plan on doing a post talking about some of my favorite dry-skin saviors next month because all the dry air (especially from my long commute to and from work) are wreaking havoc on my poor extremities!

All in all, January was a pretty good month! I got to spend time with some of my amazing friends, have actual face-to-FaceTime conversations with my sister, eat some delicious food, and prove to myself that when I set my mind to something, I can actually achieve it! I also want to thank everyone who has taken the time to stop by and make this first month of blogging here in this new little corner of the internet not feel quite so lonely! To keep up with me, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and make sure to sign up to be notified via email whenever a new post hits!

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