Month: February 2020

A Little Life Update

Hey! I know I’ve been a little light on the posts this month on the blog, for which I apologize, but will be remedying that situation soon! The reason there haven’t been any workout recaps this month is that I haven’t really been working out. While I haven’t been doing my usual stuff (yoga, running, […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

So, everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday is literally right around the corner! As in, literally next week. January took forever to go by and here we are, nine days away from Valentine’s day. If you’re at all like me, this is one of those weird holidays that has a tendency to sneak up on you and […]

Workout Recaps January 27th-February 2nd

Dun dun dun daaa! I made it through an entire month of yoga every single day. Thirty-one days with a class each day. Even on days that I took off work because of craptastic weather, I managed to make it into class. And I wrapped up the Snowball Series as well, so that is exciting […]

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