Workout Recaps January 27th-February 2nd

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Workout Recaps January 27th-February 2nd

Dun dun dun daaa! I made it through an entire month of yoga every single day. Thirty-one days with a class each day. Even on days that I took off work because of craptastic weather, I managed to make it into class. And I wrapped up the Snowball Series as well, so that is exciting as well. Now for my week of “rest”. Which doesn’t mean no activity, just no running or hardcore yoga workouts. I look forward to taking my dogs out for walks (weather permitting) and catching up on all the laundry I have piled in my closet!

Monday, January 27th-The Practice

This is a class I definitely look forward to continuing now that yogapalooza is over. It’s challenging, but not impossible, and I really enjoy the strength that this class has helped me build. I even managed to do tripod headstand, which I haven’t done in TWO YEARS! So that was super-exciting as well.

Tuesday, January 28th-YogaHour

Same old, same old with YogaHour. Core work and pushups lol! I had tried to make it to the 4:15 class but didn’t quite get there in time, so went to the 5:30 instead.

Wednesday, January 29th-YogaHour

This class was a little less intense than Tuesday class, but still a good workout. However, when I got home that night, I did something to tweak my lower back. I have no idea what it was, one minute I was fine and the next minute even sitting was a little painful. So that had me worried about how the rest of the week was going to go. I had already made the required number of days for the prize drawing (there were a couple of days where the studio cancelled classes after I had gone, so those count as freebie days) but I had made every single class thus far, and wanted to actually make it the complete 31 days.

Thursday, January 30th-YogaHour

After a miserable-ish day dealing with my lower back pain, I prefaced this class with an “I’m sitting in the back corner so if I crap out halfway through class no one really sees it!” But, low and behold, during the first forward fold of class, I could feel my lower back slowly working itself loose. And by the end of class, my back felt 98% better! Which I was beyond thankful for because my poor back was really aching.

Friday, January 31st-YogaHour

This class was amazing. I don’t know if it was knowing that this was it, the last class of yogapalooza, the teacher’s vibe throughout the class, or what exactly was going on, but it was just a really fun class. There were many high-fives passed around the room. YogaHour is one of those classes that you want to hate, but you can’t because it is so beneficial! I’ll post more about the changes I saw throughout yogapalooza when I type up my recap of the whole event.

Saturday, February 1st-Snowball Series 4 Mile Race

The last race of the series! We had missed the prior race due to weather issues, so we only made three out of the four races. But this was also the only race that didn’t have epically crappy weather or course conditions. The first race had a course that was probably 75% covered in ice, the second race had miserably cold, strong winds, and the third race had a flooded course that caused you to run through beyond ankle-deep water 1.5 miles into the run, accompanied with bitterly cold winds. So I’ll take the slightly chilly start because it wasn’t bad at all out on the course. We finished the four miles in 1:07:32. I’ll post a more detailed event recap for you in the coming weeks.

Sunday, February 2nd-“Rest” day

I had originally planned on taking the dogs for a nice long walk because the weather was freaking ridiculously nice for February in the midwest but running the syrup took precedence over that. I put rest day in quotes because I probably hiked a mile through the woods collecting the sap from the buckets and then hauling two nearly full five gallons buckets back to the truck. So, I definitely got my heart rate up and got a little arm workout in because those things are heavy!

All in all, I’m glad that I finished yogapalooza strong, even if I didn’t win either the month or year of yoga. One of the most important things I learned is that when I really set my mind to something I can make it happen!

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