Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

So, everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday is literally right around the corner! As in, literally next week. January took forever to go by and here we are, nine days away from Valentine’s day. If you’re at all like me, this is one of those weird holidays that has a tendency to sneak up on you and then you’re trying to figure out something to get for that special someone and of course that’s when your brain decides to take a vacation. So, I thought I would throw together a little gift guide for you, just in case you’re having a holy shit, nine days away moment!

  1. Coffee that gives back- If your someone special happens to be addicted to caffeine, then a coffee subscription will warm their hearts! Two of our favorites are Black Rifle Coffee Co. and Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. Black Rifle Coffee was started by military veterans and they make a point to hire vets as well. Grounds & Hounds donates a portion of their proceeds to help shelter animals (and you can shop for specific shelters in your area if there is one!). I prefer the Madagascar Vanilla from G&H and Matt drinks the Caffeinated AF from Black Rifle. Both offer coffee subscriptions, one time purchases, K-cups, and a variety of other gear on their websites!
  2. Mancrates– Who doesn’t want a present that comes with its own crowbar to open it? Mancrates offers a huge variety of options, ranging from salami bouquets to gift cards encased in plaster. They also have a number of options that can be personalized as well.
  3. Flowers from Bouqs-I found Bouqs through Facebook when I was looking to order some flowers for Mother’s Day. I was tired of going the same route and being very underwhelmed with what you got from the florist versus what you paid for and what you saw on the website. They were running a special for Mother’s Day and I decided (based on steller reviews) to give it a shot. I couldn’t have been happier with the flowers that my mom and MIL received! Beautiful blossoms, not a ton of crappy filler, and timely shipping. The flowers lasted for a very long time and we even replanted the mini succulents that came in my mom’s bouquet and they are still going strong.
  4. Concert or Theater tickets-Gift your date with a date! There are always tons of fun concerts or great shows going on, so buy some tickets and plan a fun night out.
  5. Massage or Spa day-There are very few people I know that would turn down a massage or complete spa day.
  6. The Gift of Time Together-Some times the best gift of all is time together. It doesn’t always need to be fancy or cost a ton of money. Just a nice dinner at home with your undivided attention can be all your significant other really wants.

Just remember, whether you believe in Valentine’s Day as a holiday or not, take some time out to make sure that your loved ones really know just how much they mean to you!

Note-The links within this post are NOT affiliate links. I do not associate with any of these companies other than to say that I’ve ordered from them and have enjoyed their products. I do not get any kind of commission or reimbursement if you click on the links. They are just there to provide ease of access for you!

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