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Oahu Vacation Part 3

Hello! Here is my Oahu Vacation part 3 throwback post. I know I am recycling some content by doing this, but not all my posts migrated over from my previous blog, so I am reposting them individually for you!

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This post will be about our time at Kualoa Ranch, where we spent a large portion of the day.

When deciding what to do for our time in Oahu, we decided to hit up Kualoa Ranch, which turned out to be about 15 minutes from our rental on the island! Matt and I had gone when we came to Oahu for our honeymoon, but this time around we did different activities, and it was so fun to experience it all with friends.

We chose to do a trio of activities because choosing those makes it a little less expensive, plus you got to have a buffet lunch. We started with the Jungle Jeep cruise, which took us through some movie sites, past some historic markers, and up toward the top of the mountains.

Mountain Range that you could see from every part of the ranch!
Tiki’s of the four Hawaiian Gods-Ku, Kane, Lono, and Kanaloa
Needs no caption!
Seriously, no caption is needed.
So beautiful!
It’s not the greatest photo, but we were kind of cruising right by it on the jungle jeep tour, but a pig’s head on a fence post signified the entrance to a new area.
Recreation of a traditional Hawaiian Royalty area.
Mokolii, or Chinamans hat
Fun Fact-We took a picture just like this in this exact spot 13 years ago when we were here for our honeymoon!

After our Jungle Jeep cruise, we went out on the Catamaran Tour, which started first with a flat-top boat tour of their ancient Hawaiian fish pond and then out into Kaneohe Bay.

Hawaiian fish pond
Catamaran cruising around Kaneohe Bay

I didn’t take a ton of pictures during this time because I was terrified of dropping my phone into the water, lol!

After the boat tour, we stopped for lunch. They had a nice little spread of salad, a few different types of meat, and a couple of sides, including a chili made with beef that they raise on the ranch. Unfortunately, none of us got any pictures of this because we were too busy defending our table from a particularly aggressive chicken that was roaming the area! It would flap up onto the table tops and literally steal the food right off your fork. One of the only downfalls of the tour.

Once we finished lunch and watched the safety video, we headed out on our ATV tour. Our guide was excellent and took a ton of pictures for us, but I won’t inundate you with all of them. It was hard to believe how good he was considering he had only been on the job for a few weeks. The ATV tour takes you through a few more movie sites, and you get the opportunity to get up close with some of the props and see some of the cattle that they have on the ranch. Who are very used to the traffic, and don’t really seem bothered by the humans zipping through the pastures on motorized vehicles.

Stopping by one of the movie sites. We stopped by a couple of others and did a hilarious video with our guide.
I swear I’m having a nice time.
Obligatory awkward ocean in the background selfie.
One of the best views of the ocean, could it be any more gorgeous?

Overall, I really enjoyed the various tours that we did. If/when we ever go back, I’d like to do the ziplining and hang out on the Secret Beach that they have. They have a variety of different tour packages and some of them don’t involve much effort on your part if you don’t want to be super active on your vacation and just prefer to relax while you tour the area. I definitely recommend checking them out!

*Please note that any links within this post are NOT affiliate links. I received no compensation or discounts for any of the places I’ve linked to or talked about in this blog post. Links are merely for your own information and convenience! Thank you for reading!

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