April Wrap-Up

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April Wrap-Up

Whew! April is finally bidding us a farewell. With May and the beginnings of quarantine measures being lifted just on the horizon, it’s about time for my usual monthly wrap-up post. It’s definitely been a bit of a strange month, feeling like it’s been busy but not really going anywhere other than the grocery store and work. But I did manage to get some good posts up for you that you really seemed to enjoy! So let’s recap those really quickly.

I reviewed my workouts (and lack thereof) during the beginning to the middle part of April. I’ve been trying to get back out there and walk, but it’s been hard. Pollen has been crazy high, and parks have been ridiculously crowded! But, it should be helpful that they recently opened up 30 parks with trails around the St. Louis region, so with more places to choose from, practicing social distancing while outside should become a little easier. I did manage to get out for a bit myself and do some hunting for morel mushrooms with Matt the other day. We had a bit of success, but really it was nice to be out in nature and we even saw a coyote while we were looking.

I also took a look at our chicken raising project! We got chickens to raise for meat last month and so far it’s been going well. The little guy who was having trouble standing is now standing and walking all around the indoor pen. I’m keeping him separate for now because he is much smaller (about half the size) of the other chickens, so I worry about him being able to get access to the feeder without getting trampled or bullied on. So he has been hanging out indoors, while the other chickens are living their best chicken lives in the outdoor chicken tractor. I’m planning a post on how to build a chicken tractor next month if you live in a place that allows chickens and were curious about giving it a try!

You guys seemed to really like my recipe round-up post featuring my favorites from SkinnyTaste.com! I’m planning a similar post featuring some amazing recipes for Cinco de Mayo. I’m even planning to include the recipe for one of our favorite taco toppings, which is super easy to throw together.

You also enjoyed my tips for getting through this quarantine with your sanity intact. I’m sure you guys, much like myself, are sitting at home or work crossing your fingers and toes that this is truly the end of quarantine measures and that life will slowly start making its way back to normal! I’m ready to start hanging out with friends again, and possibly even going into a store for something other than groceries! I must be having swatch-withdrawals from missing Sephora so much.

With Earth Day happening this month, I shared my top clean beauty picks. Now is also the time to take advantage of Sephora’s VIB and Beauty insider sale they have going on to update your beauty bag with some of these great products! (Not sponsored, just like sharing with you guys!) I also shared my spring reading list. I’ve already found a few winners to add to my pool-side book guide for summer that I can’t wait to share with you!

Lastly, I shared a post from the past, with my overnight kayak camping trip. Now that some of the local lakes are opening back up, I’m envisioning some fun kayaking in my future. Also, soon the parks and campgrounds are going to be back in business and I’m here for it! I’m ready to get the fly rod out and catch some fish.

What to look forward to for May on the blog? Obviously, Cinco de Mayo recipes, for starters. Also, a gift guide to help you pick out the perfect way to express your thanks to the person who birthed/raised you. Feeling a farmer vibe? Building your own chicken tractor is coming up to help you out with that. Also planned? A DIY, potentially a room makeover, and a review or two! Don’t forget to sign up below to be notified when a new post goes live on the blog. Also, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to keep up with me between postings!

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