Gift Guide: Mother’s Day 2020

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Gift Guide: Mother’s Day 2020

Holy cow! Mother’s Day is SIX days away! Which doesn’t leave a ton of time for shopping, especially with a lot of the stores closed, or doing online ordering only. Add in the delayed or uncertain shipping dates, and gift buying can be a bit problematic. So I decided to create gift guide: Mother’s Day 2020 to help you in the event that you’re feeling a little stuck on what to get the mom’s in your life on their day.

1) For the Mom who loves gardening

Whether it’s houseplants for inside the home or hanging baskets for the front porch, plants make a great gift for the mom who loves gardening. Hop in the car and head to the local garden center to pick out some flowers and plants together. Or buy a load of mulch and spread it around while she kicks back with a cold drink! Decorative items like statues, benches, or cute garden stakes make great gifts as well.

2) The Traditional (and not so traditional) Flowers

Most moms love to get flowers! My mom loves bouquets and flower arrangements and sometimes it can be hard to tell if you’re actually going to get what’s in the picture when you order off a website. Case in point, last year I ordered an arrangement for someone and spent $80+ dollars. Eighty dollars isn’t just pocket change for most people (present company included!) so needless to say I was pretty disappointed when it looks NOTHING like the picture, and was half the size they quoted it to be. After that, I was put off from buying flowers for a while.

Enter! They offer a ton of arrangements, and let you know which ones can be available on the day you want the arrangement delivered. And the best part? You actually get what you pay for! I’ve ordered two arrangements from Bouqs and both of them were exactly as pictured and included the right number of stems (you can double or triple the number of stems in your bouquet). No need for another glass vase? No problem. Bouqs gives you the option to leave out a vase. Also, they have a subscription plan. Yes, you read that right. Scheduled delivery of fresh flowers to your mom’s doorstep on a regular basis! Perfect for the mom who loves having fresh flowers in the house.

3) For the Outdoorsy Mom

If your mom is more into camping and hiking than manis and pedis, treat her to some new outdoor gear! REI always has you covered when it comes to any kind of product mom might need to stay happy and comfortable in the outdoors. Mom is more into fishing and hunting? Maybe now is the time to gift her with a new flyrod from Moonshine Rods or a new hunting accessory. You can never have too much gear for out in the field.

4) Speaking of mani’s and pedi’s-

Gift cards are always appreciated by my family. And with salons slowly starting to open back up again, maybe a nice mom’s day out is in order. I know my hands and feet are starting to look a little worse for wear and I am more than looking forward to getting back into the nail salon ASAP! If you’re local to the STL area, I would suggest looking into Paint STL and also Clean Spa (their deluxe callous pedicure is amazing!). Any kind of self-care makes for a great gift, especially if the mom is the kind who puts herself last when it comes to taking care of people. Massages, facials, and hair salons would also make great gift card ideas.

5) For the Foodie Mom

Did your mom recently find a love for cooking and baking during quarantine? Maybe now is the time to upgrade some of her pots and pans. Le Creuset is my favorite cook wear of all time, and they have something in every category. Enameled cast iron, non-stick, and some of the best bakeware out there all are a click away on their website. If you can invest in one piece, I would strongly suggest getting the braiser pan. It is such a versatile piece that can do so many things. I actually have two that I use almost every day.

Of course there is always jewelry, clothes, and technology. As long as it comes from you, I’m sure your mom will love it!

I hope you find this little gift guide helpful because I know what it’s like to have a hard-to-shop-for person in your life!

Note: All links within this post are for information purposes only. They are NOT affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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