Workout Recaps June 8th-21st

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Workout Recaps June 8th-21st

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I missed posting about last week’s workouts, so you get two weeks in one post. Buckle up because it’s gonna get rough!

I’m currently nursing an injured finger because I was trying to peel potatoes yesterday for breakfast and somehow managed to peel/cut my nail about halfway down. I thought I had just lifted the nail from the nail bed but no, it’s all still attached! Fun times around this place. I guess now I’m stuck waiting until it grows out to try to fix it? If anyone has any tips, let me know ASAP or I’m gonna be going through a shit ton of band-aids.

Alright, on the workouts!

Tuesday, June 9th

Training plan run #4. This run was the same as Saturday’s run, which was 5 minutes running, 5 minutes walking, 5 minutes running followed by a cooldown of 10 or so minutes. I was actually pretty slow on this one, because it was already very humid and warm out, and I wasn’t feeling the need to push the pace too much. I followed this up with weed eating when I got home and that was even more miserable! 

Thursday, June 11th

Run #5. This round consisted of running for 5 minutes, walking for 3 minutes, running again for five minutes, walking for 3 again, and ending with another 5 minutes of running following with a cool down. This one went a little faster, but according to the plan you’re supposed to do the majority of these runs at an easy pace thus far. Since it’s been a while since I’ve really run, and I’m mostly working on getting back to where I was pre-chiro visits, I’m trying my best to stick with what is written. 

Saturday, June 13th

This workout was similar to Thursday’s, except instead of running for five and walking for three, I ran for six minutes and then walked for two. It was definitely warm out still, but I managed to pick up the pace a bit more on these run segments and was feeling pretty good when I wrapped it all up at the end of the run.

Sunday, June 14th

Matt and I took the bikes out to the Monarch Levee Trail in Chesterfield to get some miles in. Going out wasn’t bad, other than there is one section of the trail that is “closed” but you can go around it a couple of different ways. For my first attempt at going around on the out, I rode down onto some gravel, but hit a pretty large rock and was worried I may have busted a tire. Things seemed fine until we were almost ready to turn around and my tired just whooshed out all the air. Luckily we were together and Matt had the hand pump on his bike so we were able to get it changed pretty quick. Then on the way back, we faced an aggressive feeling headwind. It took us four minutes longer to do the back portion than the out. I also decided to follow Matt around the trail closure the way he did the first time and I totally wiped out on a steep section of the trail. My back tire shot out from underneath me, and the bike went one way and I rolled down the hill a bit. I was covered in grass stains, but mostly unhurt. So exciting times, and the beginning of my week of incidents!

Tuesday, June 16th

This one was a nice little 15-minute easy run. I decided to grab Axel for this run because he’s been a jerk lately and I thought perhaps he needed to burn off the extra energy (not the case as it turns out!). I was cruising along feeling pretty good, other than a slight twinge in my left shin, which was from my bike wreck I assumed when I rolled my ankle and went down on the paved path. So now I have a nicely skinned knee to accompany my bike scrapes. 

Thursday, June 18th

I swapped today’s scheduled run with Saturday’s 15-minute easy run because I ran out of time to get the whole workout in. I was feeling a little amped, so I pushed the pace nicely on this one, and other than some fading twinges in my left shin, everything felt pretty great. 

Saturday, June 20th

Run number nine! This one had me running for 10 minutes, walking for five, and then running for another 10 minutes before my cool down walk. The first 10 minutes was a bit of a struggle, but the second ones I was able to pick up my pace and I felt good overall. I was pleased that the course was mostly shaded because the sun was really cranking on this day!

I didn’t get a ride in on Sunday since it was Father’s Day and we had quite a bit of stuff to do. I’m looking forward to this week’s workouts and seeing how I progress through this training program!

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