Happy New Year! Amor et Vita is 1 and a Look Back on 2020

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Happy New Year! Amor et Vita is 1 and a Look Back on 2020

Happy, happy 2021 everyone! Welcome back to the blog. I hope (joking but also seriously) that everyone remember to chant Jumanji three times at midnight, are currently eating or planning to eat some black eye peas, and have done or are doing whatever traditions your family and culture use to gift everyone good luck for this upcoming year. After 2020, I’m sure we can all use some!

Happy Birthday, Amor et Vita!

This little blog space of mine turns celebrates one year of writing today! I started out strong, but as the pandemic hit and lockdowns and mandates were continually being dished out, the constant bombardment of negative news took a toll on me and I found it difficult to write about the things I wanted to write about, when there was (and still is) so much going on. I didn’t want every post I made to come off as whiny and since I try to avoid political drama as much as possible, there wasn’t a whole lot around to write about. This space will continue to find it’s bearings in 2021, and I’m working hard to generate great content for you, my readers!

Looking back at 2020-

This year has really felt like it has flown by! Everything started out very promising and then, boom, Covid hit us and the next thing we knew it was masks and lockdowns and quarantines for everyone. Let’s look back at some of the stuff I did manage to accomplish this year-

-I completed 31 days of yoga in the month of January! Little did I know at the time it would be the last classes that I was going to take at my beautiful home studio, Blue Bird Yoga. With no Yogapalooza to look forward to this month, I’ll have to be extra diligent at finding ways to move.

-Not a whole lot happened in February for me, blog-wise, though I was busy trying to get things in order around my house.

-March was when Covid really became a reality where I live, and the panic buying began. Our first rounds of quarantining and staying at home started, and I migrated a few vacation posts over from my old blog to relive some happy memories while being stuck at home.

-April-July was spent mourning the loss of all the things we normally do when the weather gets nicer, as well as our typical summer activities. It became harder to get out and enjoy nature, as so many more people were experiencing a new connection with nature, and while I did manage to get the kayak and bike out a few times, it wasn’t as much as I would have liked. I also officially launched my Etsy shop, Antler and Bow! I’ve had a little success, but I’m hoping for more in this new year.

-August finally felt a little more normal. We booked a weekend camping/fishing trip where I caught my first trout on the fly rod and fell back in love with fishing! I had my birthday and turned a whole year older, and made a few promises to myself (which I’ve been trying to keep!) and went out for a lovely float/massage/infrared sauna experience which I’ve been keen to repeat.

-September saw us have another camping trip and we also celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary!

-October things were starting to get a little crazy out there. People were (and are still) very politically divided, and things got downright scary at times.

-This brings us to November when the election finally happened and we thought for all of .5 seconds that maybe we could all finally move forward and shit could start gravatating back to semi-normalcy but that DID NOT HAPPEN. Thanksgiving came and went without too much fuss, and then I got rear-ended at a stop light in my new car, setting the tone for December.

-December came and went. I dropped my car off for a three day repair and three weeks later, I still didn’t have it back. One bright spot was that I got to pick up and watch my mom’s Christmas present from my dad! Everyone meet Clark!

Obviously he is adorable, and while it was fun to have such a sassy puppy in the house for a little while, both the dogs and myself (and Matt) are happy things are back to normal.

So yeah, that is pretty much 2020 in a nutshell. I’m ready AF for 2020 to be behind us all, and for 2021 to be a year of good shit. I hope everyone else feels the same! Happy New Year!

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