Winter Reading List vol. 2

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Winter Reading List vol. 2

Hey everyone! Since that little rascal Phil predicted six more weeks of winter a few days ago, I figured now would be a great time to drop my winter reading list vol.2. You can find my previously recommended books here on my shop page. Generally, I read mostly fiction work, especially anything in the crime drama genre, but for this reading list, I’m going to lay out some of my favorite non-fiction books.

Some of them are older and have been around a while, so you may have read them, but there is no time like snuggled on the sofa, watching it snow time, to take another dive into these stories. So without further ado, I present to you Amor et Vita’s winter reading list vol 2, the non-fiction edition.

winter reading list vol. 2
1) Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

Jon Krakauer takes a deep dive into the life of Chris McCandless, or Alexander Supertramp, as he called himself. Sorting through McCandless’s own writing and interviews from those who knew him, we make an attempt to see what was driving Chris to live the life wanderlust. Though the Magic Bus has been moved from the deep Alaskan wilderness, the story remains to give inspiration and a little warning to those of us who need it.

2) The Stranger in the Woods by Michael Finkle

In 1986, one man walked away from his life as he knew and disappeared. Nearly three decades later, he was arrested for stealing food from a camp. Read through his amazing tale of seeking and finding solitude, and how he managed to survive on his own for so long.

3) Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer

Another tale from Krakauer, however, this is his first hand account of the disastrous day in May of 1996 on Mt. Everest. Like so many others, the pull to climb Everest was strong, and while Jon made it to the summit, a fast moving storm would soon overtake the mountain and prove to be deadly for so many on the trip.

4) Go Big or Go Home by Kat Von D

In a deeply personal take, Von D describes what lead her to take bigger risks in her life and career. A memoir of sorts, she describes many different events that put her on the path she is on today. Highlighted through out the book are various works of art by Kat, wrapping up the story in one cohesive element.

5) The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Another oldie but a good one, especially if you find yourself wondering why your significant other doesn’t seem to get you or why you prize the things you do in a relationship. Take the test and discover how you can make your relationships stronger, especially when you’ve been stuck at home with the same person all winter (and for the past year!).

That’s a wrap on my winter reading list vol. 2! As always, all these books are books I’ve read (multiple times!) and are currently taking residence in my Kindle library. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a book club, so if you are keen on that, or having any book suggestions, drop a comment below!

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