Travel Bucket List

travel bucket list
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Travel Bucket List

Hello and welcome back to the blog! I know it’s been a hot minute since I posted, but what can I say? I don’t really even have a good excuse for why I haven’t posted, so I won’t even give you any of that bullshit. It is what it is I suppose! At any rate, the world is slowly (very, VERY slowly) starting to open back up and I thought it would be a good time to post my travel bucket list. I’ve gotten to check a few places off of my list these past several years, but I’m dying to get back out there. If only I could win the lottery and just spend a year hitting up all the places I want to go. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

My Travel Bucket List

The Remaining Hawaiian Islands

travel bucket list

I love Hawaii! I’ve been to Oahu twice now, and (life goal alert) I would love to own property there one of these days. Hawaii has a very special place in my heart, especially since it is where we spent our honeymoon. Kauai is the next island we are looking to check off the list, and then Maui and the Big Island for sure. It would also be amazing to schedule an Axis deer hunt on one of the island as well. I’m ready to head back to Hawaii any time!


My mom and sister went to Bali in 2016, and ever since then I’ve been dying to hit up the tropical oasis. I would love to stay at the Mulia, which I’ve seen through a few youtube videos. There are also several yoga retreats in Bali that would be amazing to attend.


I got to spend a few hours in a German airport on my way through to Italy, but I’d like to actually spend a little time outside the airport walls. There is so much history entrenched in Germany that I would love to have the opportunity to experience first hand. Seeing pieces of history in Italy was mind blowing for me and I couldn’t (and still sometimes can’t) wrap my head around the fact that I got to see up close, pieces of art that I had only ever imagined seeing via the internet or books. I feel like I would be able to have the same experience in Germany.


travel bucket list

My best friend and I both want to hit up Greece. I’ve been dying to go ever since watching a few travel YouTubes about it, and Santorini and Mykonos both look amazing! I’d also like to see Athens for the historical aspects of it. I’ve been half-planning trips to these places for the past year and I can’t wait to start adding money to my travel fund jar for this.

Western Canada & Alaska

I would love to go fly-fishing in some of western Canada’s alpine lakes and streams. It’s definitely a high priority item for me. I would also love to visit Denali National Park in Alaska. It amazes me how untamed and wild it can be, and I want to experience that first hand.

Positino & the Amalfi Coast, Italy

If Hawaii owns part of my heart, Italy probably owns another decent sized chunk. The architecture, the history, the FOOD, you name it, Italy has it. And after seeing the dreamy pictures of coastal Italy, I need to be there soaking up the sun and all that delicious fare.

Well, that wraps up a good chunk of my travel bucket list. There are tons of other places I want to visit, but if I listed them all this post would be endless! Have you been to any of these places? If so, what are some must-see, must-do’s, and must-stay places? Drop them in the comments below or shoot them over to

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