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A Little Life Update

Hello, and welcome back to the blog! I know I posted a couple of times this month, but I thought it was time to give you guys a little life update on what I’ve been up to recently. I can not believe it’s already the end of July. It feels like the last two months have really flown by. July has especially been a little hectic with all the different things I’ve had going on. Check out below to read about what I’ve been doing and what I have coming up!

Fresh Starts

I posted at the beginning of the month about feeling blah and taking the opportunity of a new day to have a fresh start. This year has definitely felt like one long-ass stretch on the struggle bus, but things have been turning around and I’ve been focusing on looking to the future rather than dwelling on the past. My 37th (!!!) birthday is coming up next month and I’m looking forward to it as almost a new year celebration, which technically I guess it is. August first is going to be a month of preparing for some changes in focus and I want to dedicate a whole year to really working on all the things I want to work on. So stay tuned for updates on that!

Time Off

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As I said, July has been a little crazy! I did take a week off from my full-time job to volunteer at our local fair, and that kept me busy most nights until 1:30 in the morning or later. So my vacation wasn’t exactly a time to relax. We also took the chance to visit the STL Zoo, brand-new aquarium, and a few other fun, local spots that inspired me to do a little series called Vacation Staycation.

If you still want to get out and explore before summer ends, stay tuned to the blog for that series!

Also, since I was on vacation, I took the opportunity to kick it off with eye surgery. I recently posted about my experience with vision correction surgery, so if you read that post, you will know that I had to have one of my ICL implants removed and instead had RLE performed on my left eye. RLE, or refractive lens exchange, basically means that I had cataract surgery performed because unfortunately, I fell into the teeny, tiny percentage of people who needed it early after ICL surgery. I can happily say that even with this extra procedure happening early for me, I would still 100% have vision correction surgery done, and I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone considering such.

We also headed up to Iowa on the motorcycle for my sister’s 40th birthday. I help her husband organize an Office-themed party, then back to their place for an epic pool party adventure, all before heading back home to celebrate the Fourth of July with our friends.

What’s Coming Up

Summer still isn’t over, but fall is fast approaching and I’m here for it! I have some great posts planned for August and September, featuring a couple of product reviews, I’m finally going to post my laundry room makeover, my Vacation series, and so much more.

Also, in October, we are heading to New Mexico for the balloon festival and the chance to hit up the San Juan river and do a little fly fishing! I can’t wait for either of those things and I am looking forward to seeing the Southwest again.

So that about wraps up a little life update from me! As always, feel free to drop me a line at hello@amoretvita.com, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, or sign up below to have the latest posts emailed directly to your inbox as soon as they hit the blog!

a little life update
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