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For the Love of Dogs

for the love of dogs

I honestly can not recall a moment in my life when I didn’t have a pet. All my farthest-reaching memories include dogs, cats, and fish. My fondness for animals has led me to be one of “those” pet parents. You know, the kind who buys all the dog things? I even bring back presents for my pups when I go on vacation. I can remember my excitement when Matt and I drove three-plus hours to pick up our *first* puppy together. Six years later he’s still a goofy hot mess! And the feeling of joy it brought to us when we headed back to the shelter to officially make Sunnie ours. For the love of dogs (and all the other companions who love us unconditionally), I hope National Pet Days brings you all the belly rubs, snacks, and loves you desire!

For your furry loves:
  1. Ruffwear Front Range Harness-I have one of these for both Sunnie & Axel and the fit is amazing! Two leash attachment points, one on the back and one at the front to help with pulling make walking a breeze.
  2. Found My Animal Leash-To be honest, I’ve coveted these leashes for years. I finally broke down and bought two at Christmas because I love the look of them and they benefit shelter animals across the country.
  3. Elevated Food Dishes-Elevating your pet’s food bowl is so good for their health! This feeder from Amazon is adjustable in height and comes with removable bowls for easy cleaning.
  4. Personalized Pet Bandana-Keep your pet looking stylish with a personalized pet bandana from Antler & Bow!
  5. Calming Dog Bed-A dog bed so comfy you’ll want to snuggle up with your pooch!
  6. Planet Dog Orbee Ball-A personal favorite at our house, these balls hold up pretty well to even the most aggressive toy destroyer!

Note: Some links within this post are Amazon affiliate links. This means if you shop using these links, I may earn a small commission on those purchases. Any and all support for this blog is greatly appreciated!

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