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10 Things About Me

While I was scrolling through my posts the other day, thinking of content ideas, I realized I’ve never really done an introductory post! Sure I have my first blog post talking about Amor et Vita. And there’s our about page. But nothing that really lets you know much about me, the founder of this little blog. And here we are, two and half years into this venture! So without further ado, here are 10 things about me (that you may or may not know).

1. I’m an avid outdoors-person

10 things about me
Rainbow trout I caught (and released!) on the San Juan River

I’m a huge nature lover. Like put me outside in the trees and I’m a happy, happy gal. Ever since I can remember, I’ve spent time in nature. Hiking, fishing, and hunting later in life, if it can be done outside, I’m there. I love supporting the conservation efforts of not only my local groups and conservation department but also on a global scale.

2. I’m a foodie at heart

I absolutely adore cooking and baking. And on the days I’m not feeling it, I have no problem finding a hidden gem restaurant or a best of somewhere along the way. Feed me taco or Italian food and I’ll be your best friend forever!

3. I crew for our local balloon pilots

Over the last couple of years, Matt and I have gotten to know several of our local hot air balloon pilots and have crewed for them during flights. Setting up and launching a hot air balloon takes a village, folks! I was even fortunate enough to get to fly with one of them in Albuquerque at the International Balloon Fiesta last year. It was crazy to be surrounded by hundreds of balloons in the air!

4. I’m a band nerd

Music is one of my favorite things, and I’ve been playing in our community band for several years now! I started playing in sixth grade and continued on through high school and college. I can play several instruments, but the trumpet is the first and main one I play now.

5. I have 16 (and counting) tattoos

I got my first tattoo at 18 and have steadily been adding them since! I also have twelve piercings. The same artist has been doing my tattoos for the last fifteen (!!!) years and he is amazing. Perhaps a tattoo tour might be a good post, lol!

6. I think I take terrible selfies (or photos of myself!)

Case in point above…I’ve never been one to take a lot of selfies, but I swear I’m practicing and trying to get better! Maybe someday…

7. I have one sibling

10 things about me

Just in case you can’t tell, she’s my sister. And she’s much better at taking selfies than I am 😉 We are three years apart (she’s older) and she just had her first baby! We may not have had the best relationship growing up (I mean, we are sisters…) but we’ve gotten much closer as we’ve gotten older and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

8. I love art and crafting

Quilting, needlework, and crafting are some of my favorite hobbies. So much so that I turned some of them into my side business with my Etsy shop. I also have a deep appreciation for painting and photography. I love to partake in the art and creativity worlds!

9. I’ve been married for almost 16 years

10 things about me
Matt and I got married on September 23, 2006. We got married at the Butterfly House and the honeymooned in Oahu. This picture is one we took when we went to Oahu again in 2019, and we stood in the same spot 13 years earlier and got the same photo.

10. My dream destination

I have to choose two, honestly! While there are many places I want to travel to, Italy and Hawaii will hold special places in my heart, always. I do want to travel to the Almafi coast in Italy and the other Hawaiian Islands, but if I had to pick one place to travel to right this second, it would be between these two. Saltwater and good food are clearly important when picking a destination for me, yeah?!

So there you have it, 10 things about me that you may or may not have known! Let me know in the comments below if we have any of these things in common. As always, follow me on the socials, and don’t forget to sign up for our new newsletter coming out this weekend!

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