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Nailed or Failed

Hello! Welcome back to the blog. Today I am so excited to bring a new segment to the blog called, Nailed or Failed. As you know, I love cooking (most of the time;)). And that means I love browsing Pinterest and food magazines looking for recipes to try out. But we’ve all had those recipes that look and sound like they’re going to be amazing, but then when you finish making them they look lackluster? Even worse, they taste like shit. So, I decided that I would try out a new recipe and be the guinea pig, so to speak.

Chorizo, Potato, & Collard Green Tacos

chorizo potato collard green tacos nailed or failed
photo credit-Better Homes & Gardens

I recently picked up a Better Homes & Gardens cooking magazine at the grocery store (sidenote-when the heck did magazines get so expensive? It’s ridiculous!) and this was one of the first recipes that caught my eye. I knew both myself and Matt liked chorizo, so this one felt like a good spin on the traditional taco night. You can find the link to the original BHG recipe here.

My attempt

nailed or failed

First thing, the recipe calls for frozen, diced hash browns. My grocery store didn’t have those, so I chose to dice my own potatoes. Also, I cooked everything on our Blackstone griddle. Secondly, Matt doesn’t care for collard greens so I only put a small portion of those into a bit of the chorizo-potato mixture.

If you can, I recommend going to your local Mexican grocery store and getting your chorizo there. You can typically buy it in bulk there, so you don’t have to deal with casings. Also, the flavor is just a bit more authentic than the stuff you buy premade from the regular grocery store.

After getting the chorizo and potatoes cooked and mixed together, I separated out a small portion to add the collard greens. This recipe called for no extra salt, pepper, or other seasonings. Once everything was cooked through and the tortillas were heated, it was time to assemble. In addition to the chorizo mixture, I added sour cream, cheese, my favorite avocado pico, and jalapeno-cilantro ranch sauce.

Verdict-Nailed or Failed?

So, was it a nail or a fail? I wouldn’t call it a fail per se. The mixture, on its own, was simply ok. Not a must-make for dinner option, but if I were putting together breakfast burritos, I’d definitely whip some up. It certainly needs a sauce or toppings of some sort to pep it up. Otherwise, it falls more on the bland side of things.

I hope you enjoyed this new blog segment! Drop a link in the comments below for a recipe you want me to try. As always, sign up below to receive new post notifications and our new blog newsletter. You can find me on all the social media as well! Thanks for reading!

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