My Latest Obsessions

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My Latest Obsessions

Hey! Welcome back to the blog. Given the news of the Supreme Court’s decision last month, I decided to skip my last few posts, because it felt a little frivolous to be posting about my usual topics when something so important had happened. But, as with all things, it’s time to return to regularly scheduled business. With that, it’s time to introduce a new quarterly segment to the blog! When I scroll through Instagram or check out other people’s blogs, I constantly see the same stuff over and over again. Which is fine, but also feels a little phoned in. Plus, we all know that some of these bloggers buy and return shit, so is it really an honest review? I decided to start sharing my latest obsessions with you each quarter. This is stuff that I’ve bought with my own money and love using, so I hope you get something from it all. A quick note-while I bought and paid for all the items I’m sharing, some links are Amazon Affiliate links. This means I may make a small commission if you shop using my links. Your support only helps make the blog better!

My Q1 & Q2 Obsessions

  • Shiseido Sunscreen Lotion, currently on sale @ Sephora-I know I just posted about this in my sunscreen post, but this lotion is amazing! Not only does it smell great, but it’s not white like typical sunscreens. This means it isn’t going to leave the chalky sheen behind that you sometimes get. It’s been a saddlebag staple this summer.
  • Tatcha Clarifying Clay Mask, $70-Got this product at the beginning of the year and have had it in rotation since. I know it’s pricey, and I completely understand that. I purchased it during a sale AND used some of my Beauty Insider points, so that is always an option! But this mask does such a great job getting all the gunk out of your pores! If you’re a skincare junkie, definitely put this one on your must-try list.
  • Pasta Roller/Cutting Machine, $35-I love pasta and I love cooking! So it was natural for me to get my own pasta roller/cutter instead of trying to roll out the dough and then cut it evenly for noodles. This one is a good beginner choice if you’re looking to get a pasta machine.
  • Cross Stitch-You guys know I love all things crafty, and last year I gave cross-stitching a whirl. I probably didn’t *need* another hobby, but here we are. Ten out of ten, if you are looking for a craft-tivity to get into, I’d recommend cross-stitching as the perfect one!
  • Addi Knitting Machine, $180-Last year I got a knitting machine to start making beanies and hats for Antler & Bow. After using the one I bought for a while, I decided to invest in a better machine. Expensive, yes, but this is an investment for my shop and I can’t wait to list my hats and headbands in time for fall!
  • Kitchen Cabinet Shelf, $15-I got two of these shelves to put under my kitchen sinks. I have a small sink on our island and of course and full-size split sink that sits under the kitchen windows. All my cleaning supplies and plant foods are kept under the island sink and it was getting to be quite the mess. These shelves helped massively! I’m thinking of getting a couple to put under my bathroom sinks to help with clutter there as well.
  • Progressive Spice & Seasoning Containers, prices vary-Progressive containers are literally the best storage and organization containers I’ve found. I have several for my various flours and other baking items. I saw these at the Container Store and had to grab them. My spice cabinets are not neat by any stretch of the imagination! Since these containers stack so nicely on top of each other, I’m hoping to eliminate the constant knocking of bottles out of my cabinets. Also, make it easier to see what I have and what I need. They don’t come with labels though, so you will either have to make your own or find some cute ones.

The not so obsession-worthy

Unfortunately, there were two items that I was really looking forward to sharing as obsessions but fell flat for me. First was a couple of shirts that I ordered from Pebby Forevee, which is an online boutique that had been popping up on my Pinterest feed for ages. I really like the look of these shirts and decided to bite the bullet and order a couple. I typically do a bit of research before buying from boutiques like this and found really great reviews for the shop. In retrospect, I probably should have looked a little harder.

Shipping took forever, and I actually didn’t see results until I filed a Paypal dispute. After 12+ days, my order suddenly shipped two hours after filing my dispute. And once the items arrived, the quality was just not there for me. I tried to leave a review on their website, but could not get it to cooperate, so I have to leave my review here. I understand that you can’t win them all, but I think there is room for improvement here.

Secondly, Bumble & Bumble Hair Dresser Invisible Oil Ultra Rich shampoo and conditioner. I really wanted to like these. Having used the not ultra-rich version of this product, I figured I’d give this one a go since my hair tends to be pretty dry. Honestly, it was too much for my hair type. I would wash and condition with it and it was like I hadn’t even washed my hair. My hair was almost oilier than it was prior to washing. Even just using the shampoo with a different conditioner led to the same results. I would recommend this set to someone with extremely thick, coarse, and dry hair. It is definitely not for everyone.

So that wraps up my latest obsessions! I’m already taking notes for the third quarter and have some front runners in mind to share with you. A quick note on the Amazon pricing; Prime Day sales are gearing up, so some of these items are at a really great discount! Keep that in mind when you’re on the fence about some things.

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