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My Five Favorite Instagrammers

Hello and welcome back to the blog! As we all know, social media can be a hot-button topic. It’s easy to sit behind a keyboard and anonymously share your *opinions* with people. Folks get pretty brave when they don’t have to face the consequences of their words. And just the opposite happens as well. I can scroll through my discover page on Instagram and see picture after picture of people living these perfect dream lives. It tricks us into thinking if we just buy whatever product this influencer is pushing, then our lives will be the same! And I get it, I really do. It’s hard to find people who are authentic and genuine on “the gram” when you have to wade through all the bullshit. So today I thought I would share my five favorite Instagrammers with you to help!

These are all people that I’ve followed for quite some time. You don’t get the repetitive, same old preachy buy this and be like me vibe that is out there. And before anyone comes at me, I completely understand that this is their job and it’s not easy. But when your links are for $4000 dresses and $500 dollar sneakers, and you never seem to repeat these MUST HAVE ITEMS, it’s a little suspect. Or when you’re doing paid ads for Wal-Mart or Aldi’s in one slide and then flashing your Gucci and Erewhon groceries the next, it feels fake.

But I digress…

Let’s kick off my five favorite Instagrammers with


my five favorite instgrammers
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I discovered this account several years ago. Not only does Candace talk the talk, but she walks the walk too. She’s a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor, so you know you’re getting the real stuff. There is a ton of great content on strength and mobility in her feed and her stories are filled with snippets of her daily life, adventures with her husband Traveler Dan, and plenty of adorableness with her husky pup Buckles! If you’re looking for a fitness person to follow that isn’t all about mirror selfies and matching outfits, @yogabycandace is where it’s at.


If you live in the St. Louis area, you should probably be following @stlfoodies. Not only will her food photos give you hunger pains, but she is constantly sharing hidden-gem eateries around the city. I personally have gone back to her account time and time again looking for date night suggestions. And did I mention she recently launched a members-only website section with access to secret menu items and specials all around STL? Get it on it, my dudes!


When I first started looking into eating a little healthier and cleaner, Lexi’s Clean Kitchen was one of the first accounts I found and one of the few that has made the cut year after year. Her gluten-free and whole30-friendly recipes are killers! She also offers tips on cleaner living and she always comes across as genuine. You know she’s using what she’s selling, and she never comes across as preachy. Two of my favorite things when it comes to following someone.


Whitney is my go-to girl for all the fun stuff going on in St. Louis! She is constantly sharing not only delicious food spots but cool shops and fun activities, too. Each week she features a local, woman-owned business with her followers. She definitely supports her community! There may or may not be a collaboration coming for a guest post, wink wink. If you want to get out and explore the city and its best offerings, make sure to follow @whitneyinthecity.

Sammi Jefcoate

It’s Friday *clap* let’s talk about Sammi Jefcoate! If you haven’t seen her iconic “let’s get dressed” reels/tiktoks yet, you are most certainly missing out. Sammi is probably one of my top fashion idols. I love her style and it doesn’t hurt to see someone who is heavily tattooed working with major fashion houses such as Dior, Christian Louboutin, and Louis Vuitton. I highly recommend following her if you are into alternative fashion, high fashion, or you are looking for something a little outside the typical blonde, Barefoot Dreams cardigan-wearing box. Find her @sammijefcoate.

And those are my five favorite Instagrammers! If you’re not following any of them yet, I hope you find one or two that you relate with. Remember to keep it real out there, and also, just because you’re keeping it real, it doesn’t mean you have to share every tiny detail of your life. There are still a lot of creeps out on the interwebs!

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