Nailed or Failed: July Edition

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Nailed or Failed: July Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another round of Nailed or Failed: July Edition! It took me a while to find a recipe to try out, given how busy we’ve been this month. We haven’t really been home much to try out too many new dishes, either. But I was scrolling through Instagram stories Sunday and came across Naptime Kitchen’s recipe for creamy chicken enchiladas. They looked good and required minimal ingredients, so I was down to try them. Matt agreed to give them a go, even though the last enchilada recipe I made was a bit of a fail.

A big bonus for this recipe is that you throw some chicken breast and other optional ingredients into a crockpot with enchilada sauce and let it cook for a few hours. No fussing over the stove, and you can leave out all the optional veggies and black beans if you have a picky eater. Which I did because I didn’t have those on hand. And Matt isn’t the biggest vegetable fan. But I digress.

The only deviation I used in this recipe was that I chopped the chicken instead of shredding it, and when I made the sauce I add half a cup of heavy cream to the blender because I didn’t realize I was running low on sour cream. So it was half sour cream, half heavy cream, and then the two cans of salsa verde. Which, this sauce really makes it! So delish.

I used this Saucy Lips green enchilada sauce, which was a new addition to us. For the salsa verde, I only managed to find one brand at the store, but Kate (the author of Naptime Kitchen) mentioned she was able to find it at Trader Joe’s pretty easily. You could probably sub red enchilada sauce and regular salsa for the green stuff and it would still turn out pretty tasty. I considered adding some green chilis to the sauce because it didn’t come across as particularly spicy at first. After baking though, I felt like there was a good amount of spice, and that it didn’t really need any more added.

nailed or failed: july edition

So…Nailed or Failed?

This particular recipe was definitely Nailed! Mixing the sour cream into both the enchilada sauce and the salsa verde topping sauce gave it such a smooth consistency. This recipe definitely makes enough that you can freeze some as well. I opted to just freeze the sauce and the filling separately, versus making the enchiladas and then freezing them whole. This would be a great make-and-take dish for neighbors, family, or friends who possibly just had a baby, moved into a new home, or for any other reason they might need a night off from cooking. Honestly, five stars, ten out of ten will make again! I mean obviously, since I have leftover filling, lol! I will definitely be perusing Naptime Kitchen for more recipes in the future.

So that wraps up the Nailed or Failed: July Edition! Let me know in the comments below if you tried this recipe out. As always, you can sign up below for our newsletter and to have the latest posts delivered straight to your inbox. And don’t forget to follow me on my socials!

nailed or failed: july edition
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