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Evening Skincare Routine

We all know I’m a bit of a beauty and skincare junkie! I have a fair collection of palettes, brushes, foundations, you name it, I probably own it in some form. But over the course of the past few years (ahem, since I turned 35) I’ve gotten more into the skincare side of beauty. But good grief, can that be any more overwhelming with options? While I’m always down to try new things, I have a pretty good routine going at the moment. Today, I’m going to share with you my current evening skincare routine!

My current evening skincare routine is roughly eight steps. I know! That seems like a lot. But if you are just starting out, first thing first-find out your skin type and what concerns you want to address. My skin is currently very dry (thanks, Hashimoto’s!) and my biggest concerns are acne and aging. Then pick a cleanser, moisturizer, and eye cream to start. I always recommend adding an SPF to your morning routine, but since we are talking evening skincare, I’m not going to push it. You can see my recs for those though in this post!

On to the routine!
evening skincare routine
  • Step 1- Pre-cleanse

    Trust me when I say I’ve tried several different make-up removers, and this one is the only one I’ve found to really get it all off. I will even use a tiny bit of the Farmacy Green Clean balm when I don’t wear make-up, just to take off any residual sunscreen/environmental grime/what have you before I wash. It makes my cleanser that much more effective.
  • Step 2-Cleanse

    I had a Clarisonic brush for years, and I was so sad when I learned during the beginning of the pandemic that they were closing their doors. So I made the switch to the Foreo, and so far I haven’t been disappointed. I feel like no matter what cleanser I’m using, the Foreo helps get a deeper clean. Plus, there is no replacing the brush heads, which helps it be a bit more sustainable over time. As for my cleanser, I’m currently using Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser. Cleansers really feel like, to me at least, an area where you can experiment a little. This one is doing a good job, but I’m not fully wowed by it. I will probably switch it up when this bottle runs out.
  • Step 3 (A/B)-Toner or Retinol Products

    If aging skin is a concern for you, it’s probably time to add a retinol product. The biggest key is that you DON’T NEED TO USE RETINOL EVERY DAY!!!! Especially if you have sensitive skin like myself. Start with one day a week and build from there with your retinol product (I like this Inky List version, plus they have a cream specifically for your eyes!). On the days that I don’t use retinol, I use a toner to help lift the gunk out of my pores. Another Farmacy win with this one!
  • Step 4-Hyaluronic Acid

    Yes, you need it and yes, you can use it with retinol! Think of this as a moisture super booster. The Ordinary makes great wallet-friendly products. So if you’re looking to add this magic potion to your beauty cabinet, check them out.
  • Step 5-Oils

    I know, the thought of adding oil to your already oily skin seems foreign. But studies have been trending toward the idea that oils just might be the ticket to busting oily skin. I personally love using the Squalane and Argan oils from The Ordinary as part of my evening routine. Just a couple drops of each, and then I do a little facial cupping (which may or may not do anything, but this is my self-care, and I like it). This is also when I use a different eye cream like this one from Mad Hippy when I’m not using a retinol eye cream.
  • Step 6-Lip Balm

    Literally, every blogger, Instagrammer, or influencer I know is shouting the praises of this lip sleeping mask by Laneige. If there is one product you buy from this list, please let this be it. More so with the drier air that’s coming in the next few months. Chapped lips, be gone!
  • Step 7-Moisturize

    This (and step 8) are probably my top skincare splurges. I’m not bougie enough to afford La Mer, but Tatcha is pretty divine in its own right. At my last facial, my esthetician told me that I needed to add a little something more to my moisturizing routine than just the oils to help with my skin’s natural barriers. This Dewy Skin Cream has been a lifesaver!
  • Step 8-Overnight Masking

    I know this seems like moisturizing overkill, but I love adding in this overnight mask from Tatcha. Where the dewy cream adds in plumpness and glow, this little baby kicks redness to the curb. I can tell a noticeable difference in my redness levels since I started incorporating it into my skincare.

So that is my evening skincare routine! My morning routine is pretty quick, and then on Sundays, I like to add in masks and a few other goodies. All links are provided for your ease of use (not affiliate links) and all opinions on products are my own. Let me know if you try and love any of these products, or if there is a product you think I need to try out!

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