My Latest Obsessions-3rd Quarter Picks

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My Latest Obsessions-3rd Quarter Picks

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Hello, hello, it’s that time again! As I have mentioned before, I recently rolled out a new blog segment called My Latest Obsessions. Quarterly, I will be sharing some of my favorite products I’ve recently been loving & that I think you will like, too. I’m a little late rolling the third-quarters picks out, but as I mentioned in the last post, it’s been busy around here! But I did have some items that I’ve purchased and put to the test. And I am beyond excited to share those with you today. So without further ado, let’s jump into My Latest Obsessions-3rd Quarter Picks!

3rd quarter picks
  1. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel, prices vary depending on color-I’ll be the first to admit that I probably need to find a good chiropractor, but this little wheel has been a lifesaver recently! It’s the perfect tool to help stretch my spine and assist with my backbends. I’m looking for new ways to incorporate it into my yoga practice.
  2. Skinerals Back Wand, $12-I feel like I’ve talked about this on here before. Maybe in my sunscreen post? At any rate, I have extremely dry skin and with the winter months fast approaching, I’m slathering on lotions and potions at a fast pace. If you just are quite flexible enough to reach your entire back or don’t have someone to rub in your lotions, these are a must. I have a pad for sunless tanner, lotion, and sunscreen, all of which can be washed and reused multiple times.
  3. Double Garlic Butter Seasoning, $15-If there is one seasoning that I will recommend time and time again, this is it! It’s perfection on everything from potatoes, to veggies, to any and all proteins. Garlic lovers unite. I love putting this on my roasted veggies when I’m making fish. It also works well to flavor cream sauces!
  4. GBBS A Bake for all Seasons, $21 (hardcover) $3.99 (kindle)-If you didn’t binge the Great British Baking Show during the lockdown, did you even properly quarantine? Being from America, I didn’t even realize there was such a massive selection of cakes, oh sorry, sponges, to choose from. Here, it’s all just cake. Plus all the different breads and pastries! Likewise, if I’m inviting you over any time soon, you can probably expect a cake or dessert from this book to be making an appearance.
  5. Kitsch Recycled Hair Ties, $8-Finding the perfect hair tie is a near-torturous endeavor. I remember the days were a hair tie would last you almost an entire school year! I originally saw these at Whole Foods, then again at Ulta Beauty before giving them a shot. So far, I’ve been really pleased. Since they are all one piece with no rubber band in the middle, they don’t snap apart like traditional hair ties. Plus, I feel like they snag in my hair much less! They do stretch out, but wrapping them multiple times doesn’t create that too-tight feeling in my messy buns. If you’ve been struggling to find a quality tie, these might be the answer!
  6. Battery Powered Lights, $33-Since my vanity mirror is a bit recessed between our cabinets, sometimes the overhead lighting isn’t quite enough. Especially when I am doing a full-on lewk. I found these little guys, advertised as under the cabinet lighting. They’re battery-powered, dimmable, and come with a remote. They attach via a magnetic strip, so they can be repositioned as needed. Plus, these suckers are plenty bright!

So that wraps up my latest obsessions-3rd quarter picks! I hope you find something here that you also love. Feel free to drop some of your favorite items you think I need to try out in the comments below!

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