The Art of a Tablescape

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The Art of a Tablescape

I’m sure we’ve all scrolled through Pinterest or Instagram and seen these beautifully laid-out tables. Fancy garlands, layers of flowers, and candles strewn along the center of the table. And while that’s a little much for everyday life, a good tablescape can really take your holiday decor from ehhh, to WOW! I’ve been dying to decor my dining room table for the holidays, beyond my usual centerpiece and flowers, and this year I made it happen. But first, I did a little research into the art of a tablescape. How much is too much, what exactly does it consist of, and what do I even put on it? Lucky for you, dear readers, I compiled a handy list of tips for making your holiday tablescape dreams come true!

Lay down a base

All good tablescapes start with a base. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a table runner per se, but some decorative fabric not only makes the perfect foundation for your additional items, it makes clean up a lot easier! You can simply fold your little bits up into the runner and shake it out over the trash or storage bin. Your best bet is to choose a neutral base fabric that can be recycled for multiple seasons.

the art of a tablescape

Pull in the focus

Chose either a centerpiece and branch out from there, or chose a few taller candles or flower arrangements. But don’t choose both! You want to make sure you aren’t blocking the flow of conversation across the table, and your guests don’t want to dodge and duck to keep up with the chatter circling the table.

Don’t be one dimensional

Likewise, you don’t want a flat table topper. Add dimension in with candles and decorative pieces of various heights. If you have one main centerpiece, gradually decrease the height of your items as you move further away from the middle of the table. If your table is super long (think 8+ people down each side), having a mix of taller and shorter pieces spread across the center of the table will give it a more pulled-together look.

the art of a tablescape

Garlands are a girl’s (and guys!) best friend

If the thought of combining multiple flowers and greenery turns you off or feels overwhelming, the answer is garland! And not the fuzzy metallic stuff that you wrap around a Christmas tree. Check out your local craft store (Michael’s and Jo-Ann’s have great options!) and find a garland that you love. Buy as many as you need or cut one in half. Just make sure to secure the ends with a little tape or floral wire. If you want to add in a few extra flowers or pieces of greenery, trim and stick them into the garlands vining.

Mix & Match or Monochromatic

This is your chance to mix and match with fun color pops or keep it all in the family. A dark table finish can benefit from a bright monochromatic white look, and a neutral room can come to life with bright color splashes. And you get the opportunity to play with colors without the permanence of paint or wall fixtures.

the art of tablescaping

Stay on theme

While this is the time to experiment with color and style, keeping with the overall theme of your house is recommended, especially if you have an open floor plan. If the overall vibe of your house is classical victorian, don’t go for the zany, bright pinks, greens, and purples. Likewise, if your house is on the beach, you should probably stick with easy, breezy fabrics and florals, not the heavy velvets and rustic farmhouse vibes. You want your tablescape to compliment your house, not look out of place!

So take these tips and go forth and decorate your tables! It’s not complicated or overly expensive. You can achieve a great-looking tablescape for less than $150, especially when you look inside your house first. Look to nature for some decoration, Michael’s and Jo-Ann’s are always offering coupons and having great sales. Have some tips on the art of a tablescape? Drop them in the comments below!

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