2022 The Recap

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2022 The Recap

One more day, and we can close the cover on the book that’s been 2022! This year has been…something, that’s certain. There have been highs and lows for everyone this year, myself included. And while I’ve learned quite a bit from the lows this year, I thought it would be fun to look back on the good stuff. This year held travel, adventures, so much good food, and great times with family and friends. So let’s look at 2022 The Recap!


This year we traveled to New Orleans and Albuquerque, both of which were amazing adventures! New Orleans had been on the travel bucket list for quite some time, so it was nice to check that off. We ate so much great food and saw so many amazing sights. Albuquerque held some different adventures than in years past with several hikes and day trips to the surrounding areas. And of course, the balloons! We rode the bike across Missouri to adventure a bit in Kansas City. It was a beautiful long ride on a perfect day. There were camping and fishing trips scattered in as well.

May saw the arrival of my newest nephew! Watching the most judgemental baby ever come into the world was something I will forever cherish. Now it’s my job to make sure he stays spoiled, of course. We spent many nights gathered around a table with friends, sharing stories and enjoying good food. I look forward to more of that in the new year!

As for this little corner of the internet, I call home, it’s been a pretty good year. While I didn’t hit all the goals I wanted to hit, and there were some months when the writing was scarce, I put out 22 pieces this year! Amor et Vita averaged around 1200 visitors a month (don’t be shy, say hello!). I love sharing with you all, and I hope that next year brings bigger and better things to Amor et Vita!

That wraps up 2022 The Recap. I hope the New Year brings you so much happiness! Looking forward to next year, I’ve got some big things planned and I can’t wait to share them with you soon.

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