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Cold Weather-Worthy Reads

Even though it doesn’t quite *feel* like winter here in the Midwest at the moment, it is. And these 60 degrees January days shouldn’t be lulling us into complacency. Cold weather is lurking. And what better time to curl up on the sofa with your pups, a snuggly blanket, and a good book? If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE to read. I have Kindle Unlimited and I occasionally snap up some credits on Kindle Vella. And my taste in books is wildly varied. This is why I think, somewhere in these suggestions, you’ll find a book perfect to add to your library in these cold weather-worthy reads.

A quick note about Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Vella. Both of these options are amazing for people who consume books at a fast pace. While digital copies of books aren’t overly expensive, they can still add up when you’re reading several a month. And both of these options are a great way to find new authors!

cold weather-worthy reads
  1. A Botanist’s Guide to Parties and Poisons by Kate Khavari

    This book is a really great debut novel by Kate Khavari! As I’ve said before, I wasn’t previously into historical fiction, but I’ve been changing my tune lately. This is the first book in the Saffron Everleigh series and if you have any interest in plants and mysteries this is for you. Saffron is a stand-out in her field as one of the few women working in a university research department. When her mentor becomes the suspect in a poisoning death, she joins forces with a fellow researcher to prove his innocence in the most dangerous ways.
  2. The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner

    What’s a woman to do when she has access to a massive apothecary and knowledge well and gets scorned by the man claiming to love her? She sets out on a years-long quest for revenge and retribution for all woman-kind. Fast-forward to the present day, when Caroline takes what was supposed to be a tenth-anniversary trip to London after finding out her husband was having an affair. Deciding to get in touch with her past self, she begins uncovering the mystery behind the apothecary bottle she finds buried in the mud on the shores of the Thames River. Chaos ensues both past and present, resulting in a twisting tale that will keep you turning pages to the end.
  3. Garnet Flats by Devney Perry

    The fifth installment to Devney Perry’s The Eden’s series, this book focuses on Talia and her relationship with fighter Foster Madden. He broke her heart, but he’s back to try and win Talia over again. Devney always manages to tie together mystery, action, and romance into a neat bundle. Do yourself a favor and check out the entire Eden’s series.
  4. The Ex by Frieda McFadden

    This is one of the newest authors I found via Kindle Unlimited. And her books! If psychological thrillers are your cup of tea, Frieda McFadden is your author. Do you know how in some books, you can see the plot twist coming from a mile away? Frieda keeps you pinned in your seat because you know it’s coming. But when it does, she basically punches you right in the face with it. I can’t recall ever guessing a twist correctly. Start with The Ex, and find yourself searching out her books for the suspense of it all.
  5. Hidden Scars by Angela Marsons

    This book marks the 17th (!!) installment of the DI Kim Stone series. In this particular story, we see a more emotional side of Kim. I don’t want to spoil any of the books for you, but the one prior to this saw our leading lady go through it. And this storyline features not one, not two, but THREE villains! One that I don’t think you’ll quite see coming either. Angela’s twists and turns are very similar to Frieda McFadden’s so if you enjoy one author, it’s a safe bet that you will enjoy the other as well.

That wraps up my cold weather-worthy reads! If you’re interested in seeing what I’m reading in real-time, I suggest following me on Goodreads. There you can see what I’ve read, how I liked it, and keep up with my current reading challenge. Perhaps if there is enough interest, we can start our own book club there as well! If you have any book suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments below!

Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. This means that if you shop using these links, I may make a small commission off your purchase. It doesn’t cost you any extra, and helps support the blog!

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