Local Spotlight: Provenance Soapworks

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Local Spotlight: Provenance Soapworks

I’m so excited to announce another new segment to the blog this month, Local Spotlights! Serving as a way to feature local businesses, restaurants, and more, I’ll be bringing the info straight to you. I love supporting local businesses when I can. As someone who operates a small business myself, I understand how vital support is. Whether it’s something as small as liking a post or making a purchase, it’s all greatly appreciated! This brings me to the important part-the business featured today! Provenance Soapworks, located on historic Main Street St. Charles.

provenance soapworks

Provenance Soapworks was started in 2010 when its owners opened their first brick & mortar shop on Main Street St. Charles. However, it began long before that, as most small, independent businesses do. When you step inside the doors of their current location (311 South Main St), you instantly get transported to a shop on the streets of Europe. Which is fitting, as part of the Soapworks origin story includes the founder’s overseas travels.

Bright, white shelving and gold accent compliment the exposed, washed brick interior of the shop, while classic wallpapers adorn other walls. Soaps, bath bombs, and candles are interspersed throughout the shelves and tables, artfully arranged with vintage accents. The soaps, bath bombs, and scrubs are all made in-house, so you’re getting a truly local product when you shop here. Provenance Soapworks also carries an array of bath accessories to finish off your bathing experience.

With scents ranging from fruity to spiced, there is bound to be something that tickles your fancy. Forget the glitter-laden bath bombs that leave you forever finding sparkle in your towels. Provenance’s bath bombs are neatly packaged cubes that you drop into a reusable bag. Enjoy the relaxing scent of lavender without having to feel the little buds stick to your skin. Pop a jar of their scrub next to your skin for a luxurious, moisturizing treat at the end of the day. Also, creating a custom gift set for someone is a breeze with all the matching soaps, scrubs, and lotions.

My Favorite Products from Provenance Soapworks

In case you haven’t guessed, one of my top picks from Provenance Soapworks is, of course, their bath bombs! I love a good bath bomb as much as the next girl, and these just feel so luxe. While I love bath bombs that turn the water crazy colors, it’s nice sometimes to just toss one in and not worry about it staining my tub (or skin!). My second pick would have to be the body scrub! I have the Shea with Jojoba oil one currently taking residence on my vanity. The scent is so subtle, I don’t have to worry if it will clash with my perfumes. And the moisture from the Jojoba oil on top of the Shea butter! It’s a dream, I swear. As someone with aggressively dry skin, I’ll take whatever additional soothing I can get.

I’ll admit, I haven’t tried their soaps yet ONLY because I have a massive backlog of bar soap to work through currently, and to be completely honest, I’m more of a shower gel kind of person. But as soon as I run out of soap bars, I know where I’m heading.

While I was there this last time, I picked up one of the Candlefish candles they are carrying. Candlefish is a company located out of South Carolina, but I’m so glad I discovered this brand thanks to Provenance! The clean look of their jar candles is very posh, and the scents are divine. It feels very fancy to not have a fragrance name but to match up your scent style with the description sheet and find your candle number on the shelf.

I’m so excited to share this local business with you! Another perk-they have online shopping, so while it would be great to see you around the street of St. Charles, you don’t have to schedule a vacation just to shop the soaps. I can’t wait to bring you more local finds, so if you have any suggestions or you’re a small business looking to partner, feel free to reach out to hello@amoretvita.com! Happy bathing!

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