Hello, February!

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Hello, February!

I don’t know if it was just me, but January sure seemed like it went by in an odd mix of fast and slow! One minute it felt like New Year’s Day was only yesterday and then the next felt like it should be Valentine’s Day already. January wasn’t all I wanted it to be, to be honest. I spent a good portion of it being sick or getting over being sick. And while I went into the month with all the best hopes and intentions, I wasn’t mentally ready to make changes. But that’s the great thing about firsts! With each new month, a new chapter begins. And flipping the page to February feels just like what I needed!

Closing out January

As I mentioned, I went into January with all the hopes and intentions. But alas, I simply was not in a headspace to make those changes. I can come up with all the excuses in the world, but that’s what it boils down to. Change is hard, and sometimes it takes multiple attempts to get things to stick. I didn’t stay on top of drinking water, I made it to the gym a whopping ONE time, and I just felt so dang tired all the time. The wild weather swings and getting sick didn’t help anything either.

But enough about the negative things! Let’s switch our focus to things that went right in January.

With the exception of getting sick and missing one post last month, I consistently posted and followed my schedule. I sat down and actually menu planned for the second half of the month and stuck to it. And in the final bit of the month, I found a journaling process that really felt like a fit for me. Right now, it’s something that I’m holding close, but may eventually share a bit more about it down the road.

Looking into February

What does February hold in store? Let’s talk about it, shall we?

There will be another local business feature coming up as well as another episode of Nailed or Failed. I’ve got a crafty little DIY for all my fans of decorating with nature, and of course, several other great posts scheduled.

As far as working on my 2023 goals? It’s a new month, so that means more menu planning, more journaling, and actually utilizing the planner that I bought. It’s time to put these ideas in my brain onto paper and into action. I’ve been scheduling out my week (per a tip from Lydia Millen!) and I’ve been putting down an hour of focused work on my Etsy shop during the week. That might look like creating products, taking listing photos, or working on orders. But that focused hour of work will pay off in the end!

Municipal band rehearsals are also starting up, which gives me a Thursday evening to focus on Amor et Vita! I’m also planning on making regular Thursday appearances at the yoga studio I belong to, so that will help in my goals as well. All in all? I can’t wait for this month and what’s to come. Happy February everyone!

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