What I Read in February

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What I Read in February

I’m squeaking one little post in for February, and I think it will be a good one! You all know I love sharing reading lists with you, so I thought it would be fun to share with you what I read in February. I set a goal to read 100 books this year, which you can follow along with over on my Goodreads page. I’m a little ahead right now (uhh, by like 25 books!), but I’m sure that will change as summer picks up and I spend more time away from my screens. I’ve read 23 books for the month so far. I might check one or two more off my list before the 28th, but I thought I would share with you what I’ve devoured thus far.

I read almost exclusively fiction, and it is generally modern-day fiction. True crime is one of my favorite guilty pleasures though, so when I saw a particular book shared over and over in a Facebook group I’m in, I had to add it to my to-be-read list! Also, I’m a big fan of re-reading books, so those pop up a lot on my lists. But let’s dive in, shall we?


Let’s start off with my re-reads. This month I started the Clifton Forge and Men of Bird’s Eye series again. Written by two of my favorite authors, Devney Perry (Clifton Forge) and Kat Savage (Men of Bird’s Eye), these books are the perfect blend of story-telling, romance, drama, and spice. Trust me, if you like any of the following: tattoos, motorcycles, bad-ass leading ladies, and general bad boys with good hearts, these books are for you!

True Crime Non-fiction

I saw this particular book over and over in again in my Facebook group and it was included in my Kindle Unlimited selections, so I decided to give it a whirl. And let me say, I was not disappointed! Sometimes non-fiction work can be so dry, but the author of If You Tell (Gregg Olsen) wrote the story of the sisters so excellently. I will say ***spoiler alert*** if reading about child abuse makes you uncomfortable, skip this particular book. But if you are into psychology in any way, reading about this family’s horror at the hands of their mother will be of interest.

New Reads

I read several new-to-me series, including the Mitchell sisters series and the Redemption Hills series. I also read a really interesting book titled There Once Was Wolves, which at first didn’t feel quite up my alley, but after I got into the story a bit more, it delved into a truly interesting murder mystery book. It had just enough suspense that I kept flipping pages. I also read the much-touted Beach Read by Emily Henry and found it to be, okay-ish? It was one of the few actual physical books I read, and it was pretty easy to pick up and put down. Which translates, at least for me, that it didn’t suck me in the way some books do. If I’m really drawn into a story, I will not be able to put the book down or walk away easily from my computer, if that’s where I’m reading. You interrupt me, and I will be MAD!

And that’s what I read in February in a nutshell. I know, it’s a lot of books for the shortest month of the year, but it helped keep my mind from dwelling on too much. I’ll need to work on balancing my reading a bit more with life in general in the coming months, but I can’t wait to share some of my new finds and old favorites with you! If you have any book recommendations, drop them below!

Note-some links within this post are Amazon affiliate links, which simply means that if you make a purchase using my links, I may earn a small commission. It’s no extra cost to you and all your support for the blog is greatly appreciated!

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