Five Tips for Drinking More Water

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Five Tips for Drinking More Water

I’m sure at some point in time, you’ve heard that pretty much every person on this planet is chronically dehydrated. And you’re probably thinking well I’m not included in that because I drink tons every day! But how many of those drinks are actually just plain water? How many include some sort of caffeine element or boatloads of sugar? Probably more than you realize. Hey, I’m 100% guilty of it too! Each year, I set the goal to start drinking more water. Sometimes I do alright, but for the most part, I’m pretty parched. So today I thought I would share five tips for drinking more water with you guys!

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Benefits of Being Hydrated

So, what is the difference between drinking anything and drinking water? Well, for starters, your body is made up of roughly 55 to 60 percent water. Or at least it’s supposed to. But everything we do can cause that number to go down if we aren’t replenishing it. And the old adage of eight 8 ounces glasses a day doesn’t quite cut it for most people. The general rule of thumb I’ve been finding is that you should be drinking roughly half your body weight in ounces of water each day.

And when you’re properly hydrated, all your organs and systems function better! Fatigued in the morning? Try getting your water in for a few days, and see if you aren’t feeling more awake each day. Dull-looking skin? Drink water. Always have a hard time getting blood drawn? Getting an adequate amount of water in can make that needle stick a breeze.

Ok enough about the benefits of being hydrated. I get it, you get it, we all get it. But it’s hard getting in those ounces right? Fear not, I’m here with tested-by-me1 tips to help you chug.

1. Size Matters (at least in this case!)

Finding the perfect size water delivery system is key! For example, my recommended amount of water to drink is 153 ounces. Breaking that down into manageable chunks is the only way I can get it done. There are tons of options out there as far as drink bottles. From 16 ounces cups to gallon-sized Hydrojugs. I’ve found the perfect size for me is between 30 and 40 ounces. Anything smaller and it feels like I’m constantly running to the fridge or water filter to refill my cup and the sheer thought of lugging around a massive Hydrojug is daunting. My two favorite water cups/bottles are the 30-ounce Yeti Rambler and the 40-ounce Hydro Flask bottle. Find what works for you and stick with it!

2. Make it Fancy

The great things about the options above? They come in so many beautiful colors! I’m a big fan of color, which means I may have the slightest addiction to buying multiple water bottles. You’ll be more likely to carry your water with you if you have something that you like. Match your aesthetic or get the whole rainbow. Another fun way to personalize your water bottles? Stickers! Maybe you want to rep your favorite businesses or keep a visual diary of all the fun places you’ve been. Stick them on your water bottle and you’ll always know which one is yours.

3. Flavor is Key

I get it. When you’re drinking a ton of water, it gets a little boring when it’s always plain. And to keep you from reaching for the sugary sports drink or soda, why not add a little *spice* to your water? Not like, actual spice, unless that’s your thing. But there are plenty of options out there to bring a splash of flavor to your otherwise boring water. You can make a big pitcher of fruit-infused water and keep it in your fridge. Or you can try one of the many flavor options on the market. Two of my favorites are the Ultima Electrolyte Powder and Nuun tabs. Ultima comes in a big canister, a small canister, or individual packets for travel. Nuun tabs have come a long way from their origins and they have so many options! I highly recommend both of those options to give your drink a little boost.

4. Get on Track(ing your intake)

When you’re consuming mass amounts of water, sometimes it’s helpful to have a visual representation of how much you’ve downed, and how much you have left. If you’re a pen-to-paper kind of person, add a little chart to your bullet journal or daily planner. I’m not one to carry a paper planner everywhere with me, so I have been trying different apps on my phone. My current favorite right now is Plant Nanny! I have a little seed in a pot and with each cup of water I drink, it grows. You can set your intake in milliliters or ounces and you can change the size of your default cup size. Also, you can set up reminders to pop up on your phone if you get a little busy and forget to grab a drink.

5. Sparkling counts

Flavoring your plain water still isn’t doing it for you? Try sparkling! Or as I affectionately refer to it, fizzy water. It’s especially helpful if you’re trying to kick a soda habit. When I was trying to get rid of my caffeine addiction I depended on sparking water and the Nuun tabs that have caffeine in them to slowly wean myself off. Just make sure you aren’t getting one that is loaded with sugar!

I hope these tips help you if one of your goals is getting more water in. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or if it takes a while to find what works for you. Just remember to keep trying. And don’t forget about water-rich foods, like fruits and veggies! Those also count towards keeping yourself hydrated and a bonus, you’re getting some healthier eats in, too.

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