Latest Obsessions: Q1 2023

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Latest Obsessions: Q1 2023

A little late, but I’m rolling out my latest obsessions: q1 2023! I didn’t buy a ton of stuff in the first quarter of the year, but I do have some good ones to share with you. I went on a bit of an organizing kick after being influenced by British YouTuber Lydia Millen. She got a new car and showed how she organized the interior, and I thought it was brilliant so of course I headed to Amazon to make some purchases. I’ll do a post later on how I utilized all the bits that I ordered to keep my car somewhat organized.

And with that, let’s check out the first quarter’s obsessions!

latest obsessions: q1 2023
  1. L’anza Hair Care, $20-$60-I spent a good chunk of time last year trying to find good quality hair products that made my hair feel amazing. It was hard to find something that would keep my hair looking and feeling great, but not be filled to the brim with chemicals. Lalo Salon in Chesterfield, Mo has been my go-to salon for the past several months, and my stylist recommend I try the color care line from L’anza and I’ve been loving it so far! My hair feels great, and I’ve been using several of their healing products since bleaching my hair for the blue color. We had to go pretty light and I was worried about the integrity of my hair, but with these products, I haven’t seen too much breakage and damage. Always buy your products from a trusted source (like a salon) to make sure you’re getting quality products and help support your stylists.
  2. Ubbi On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser, $9-I didn’t want a massive wipes dispenser in my car and I struggled to find one that wasn’t too baby-oriented. While marketed as a pet wipes dispenser, this one ticked all the boxes. Actually, I have two in my car, one for wipes and one for tissues. And if you aren’t carrying wipes in your car, you should seriously reconsider! They’re great for wiping up sticky spills, dirty dog paws after a hike, or greasy hands after the requisite drive-thru stop on a road trip.
  3. Thule Subterra Tech Case, $23-This case is a must-have. Even is you aren’t traveling but want to have a place to organize all your cables and plugs for ALL your devices. It comes in three different sizes and I chose the medium. The case holds all my cables, my husband’s cables, and our plugs with room to spare. It even has a little port so you can run a battery charging pack through to the outside of the case.
  4. Clear Toiletry Bags, $14-These cases work perfectly for organizing all my stuff in my car. I love them so much that I bought a second set to use in my gym bag (you know, for when I finally motivate myself to go to the gym prior to work!). They say that they are TSA-compliant, but that is a risk you have to be willing to take. Some agents will let things like this through and some are die-hard quart ziplock baggie people. I used these to organize my miscellaneous beauty items, first aid stuff, and then extra cables, bits, and bobs.
  5. Large Wipe Dispensers, $21 for 3-I use these in the house to hold my Clorox wipes and makeup wipes. They work amazingly well and even though I didn’t leave the plastic packaging around my wipes they haven’t dried out at all. They hold a good amount of wipes too, so you aren’t constantly refilling them. Just something to help keep your house a bit more organized without having an ugly container of wipes sitting out on your counter or dealing with the “resealable” packs that never quite reseal like they’re supposed to after two or three uses.

So there you have it! My latest obsessions: Q1 2023. As I said, I’ll do a post later on how I organize my car using these products and more. And don’t worry! I have quite the list of products for Q2 already brewing.

Note: Some links within this post are Amazon affiliate links. This means that I may earn a small commission when you shop using my links. This is at no extra cost to you, and as always, I appreciate your support of the blog!

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