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What I Read In May

I’m currently four books away from hitting my goal of reading 100 books in 2023. Annndd, it’s only June 20th. Clearly, I should have upped my goal! But I’ve also actually been inputting the books I’ve read into my Goodreads (follow me!) which I didn’t do last year. So I’ll be curious to see how many books I will actually consume this year. I think I make have mentioned in my last What I Read post that I was going to slow down a bit on reading. And I did a little bit. After reading 25+ books in February, I read less than 10 in March and less than 15 in April. You can check those out on my Goodreads page, since I didn’t manage to post about them here. But now, on to What I Read In May!

I read 21 books and listened to two audiobooks for the Month. I know that seems like a lot of books, but 14 of those 21 books were part of a series. They were pretty quick reads, so I was able to read a couple in one day at times. Let’s dive in, shall we?

what i read in may

The Cult, The Catacombs, Barbarian, and Bartholomew (not pictured) are all written by the same author Penelope Sky. They aren’t all one series, with The Cult and The Catacombs being one series and the other being a separate one, but they do feature tie-ins with each other. Honestly, I found these books to be just alright. At points, I found them to be a bit dragging, almost like some pages were just filler to hit a particular count. The main bulk of each story though, I did enjoy.

The Vampire Knitting Club is a really cute series focusing on a slightly down-on-her-luck, wrong-place-wrong-time leading lady who inherits her undead grandmother’s knitting shop. Calamities and romance ensue throughout the series. It’s 14 books long, and as I mentioned earlier, they’re fairly quick reads. If you’re looking for clean romantic comedy-type books, I highly recommend this series!

The Captain and Blueliner are also part of a series of books by Josie Blake. I really enjoyed reading The Captain but felt less than thrilled with Blueliner so that’s where I left off with the series. Likewise, An Optimist’s Guide To Heartbreak and A Pessimist’s Guide To Love are also a duo best read together and I truly liked both books in this particular group.

Lastly, I have the two audiobooks I listened to last month! First up was The Little Shop of Found Things by Paula Brackston. It took me a little bit to get into this particular book, to be honest. But once I got about halfway through it, I couldn’t wait to hear the next chapters. I have found that listening to audiobooks at a slightly faster speed helps. My reading speed is on the faster side, and once I found a speed for listening that was similar to that, it made a big difference. If time travel is something you like to read about, check out this book.

Friday Night Knitting Club was probably one of the saddest books I listened to/read in a while! Just when you think everything is coming together for everyone, there’s a twist you didn’t see coming. And don’t let the title of the knitting books put you off. While there is talk of knitting, they don’t focus on it primarily.

And that’s everything I read in May! I can’t wait to share June’s list with you because there are some really good ones on it. If you have any suggestions on books, please drop them in the comments below! And if you read anything off this list, let me know what you think of it.

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