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Hey October!

I feel like it makes me a complete old person to say that I can’t believe it’s October already. It feels like hockey season just ended a couple of weeks ago and this Saturday is already the home opener for the Blues. But while the old lady part of my soul is wondering where the year went, the fall-loving part is all Hey October! So happy you’re here! I know the official first day of fall is in September, but once October first rolls around, it’s like the official kick-off to my favorite time of year. Which is the holiday season, of course. I love watching the leaves turn on my drive home from work and seeing the stores start putting on their yearly displays. I absolutely love it!

hey october

Since I haven’t done the best job of posting the past couple of months, let’s catch up a bit!

June was spent almost completely renovating our old house and turning it into a rental property. It was a lot of late nights and long weekends. July was spent recovering from June, lol! For the first time in probably 15 years, we also didn’t go to our county fair. Which in all honesty, felt a little weird!

August rolled around and it was the month of trips! We spent a weekend camping and fishing in Montuak (you can read more about Montuak here!) and then two days after my birthday, we hopped on a flight to NOLA! Yes, we went back a little over a year after our first visit, and probably not during peak visitor season. But we loved it so much the first time, that when the opportunity came up, we jumped on it. We ate so much amazing food and even crammed a cooking class in. It was a perfect little birthday trip.

hey october

September was wedding month for us. After several years of not having any weddings to attend, we had two almost completely back-to-back. So that took up quite a bit of our weekends. We rounded out the month of September with a hot air balloon flight for our anniversary. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we’ve been married for 17 years now!

And with all that, friends, we have arrived in October! The month that ushers in the official start of the holidays, brings us the glory that is hockey season, and of course, gives us those last 90 days of the year!

If you’ve followed along for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about the last 90 days challenge that I often try to set for myself. It is something that I’ve been inspired to do by one of my favorite Instagrammer’s to follow, MalloryRuthFit. If you’re looking for all the inspo, look no further than her Instagram. The whole premise behind my version of this challenge is to put myself in a better place at the end of the year. Which gives me a good foundation for the start of the next year. I typically fall off track somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but after wrapping up my recent 6-month challenge, I’m feeling in a better place.

These first 30 days I’m focusing on menu planning and figuring out how to fit the gym, yoga, and running around the hockey season schedule. Next month will be focused on building a consistent routine and finally, December will be focused on maintaining my routine throughout the remainder of the year!

Seems simple, right?

But hopefully, with all the stuff I worked on building these past six months, I’ll be able to create a solid foundation for my goals in the new year. At any rate, welcome to the last 90 days of 2023!

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