#ThanksgivingGoals-Delicious Side Recipes to Wow Your Guests!

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#ThanksgivingGoals-Delicious Side Recipes to Wow Your Guests!

You guys, I kind of can’t believe that Thanksgiving is next week. Eight measly days away! While the spooky season holds a special place in my witchy, little soul, Thanksgiving holds a special place in my stomach. I mean come on, a whole day dedicated to feeling gluttonous? Sign me up! And while the turkey holds the limelight, we all know the real stars are the side dishes. But I’m not talking about the cranberry “sauce” that you wiggle out of the can or those sweet potatoes drowning in butter and brown sugar, topped with toasted marshmallows. I’m talking about the mashed potatoes, the Brussels sprouts, the au gratins. Those fluffy dinner rolls that Granny swears are homemade but you found the bag in the trash. The “special occasion” sides that you only see a couple of times a year. And if you don’t have any of those, let me introduce you to some. #Thanksgivinggoals-delicious side recipes coming right up!

A New Play on Potatoes

#thanksgivinggoals-delicious side recipes
photo credit-Oh So Deliciouso

I have been seeing so many potato recipes while scrolling through TikTok in the past few weeks that I’m seriously reconsidering my committed relationship to the mashed variety. One such recipe that floated by was this particular goodie from Oh So Deliciouso. I’ve been clicking through their website and I have a feeling I’ll be adding a few of these recipes to my weekly menus to try out soon. But come on! Potatoes, bacon, and cheese all wrapped up in a bubbly dish? Count me in, immediately.

Feast Your Eyes on These Carrots

photo credit-Inspired by Charm

I know goat cheese, much like bleu cheese, can be a polarizing flavor. But when you pair the tangyness of the goat cheese, with the natural sweetness that carrots produce, look out. This dish from Inspired by Charm takes the simple roasted carrot dish and elevates it to something worthy of a spot on your holiday table.

Bring Your Grown Up Tastebuds Brussels Sprouts

#thanksgivinggoals-delicious side recipes
photo credit-Our Salty Kitchen

Let’s be honest here. How many of us have horrible childhood memories of those mushy AF microwaved green balls of death? *raises hand while shuddering from repressed memories* I can clearly recall in my adult life the moment I realized that Brussels sprouts weren’t disgusting. And I haven’t looked back since. Not only does this dish have my can’t-live-without-it ingredient (bacon!), but there’s bourbon in there as well. Smoky, sweet, and salty, this dish ranks high up there on the list of delicious sides. I would say this recipe from Our Salty Kitchen nailed it.

Think Outside the Box with Beets

photo credit-Spoon, Fork, Bacon

Ok, I know. Beets? But just look at how beautiful this dish is with all those autumnal colors! And seriously, who really eats that sweet potato casserole with the mini marshmallows toasted on top? Not me. Your girl is over here picking the marshmallows off and eating them before scraping the rest in the garbage. I feel like this dish is the wearing versus styling edition for sweet potatoes. Spoon, Fork, Bacon really knocked it out of the park with not only an aesthetically pleasing dish but one that combines cheesy, crispy roasted goodness.

Mocktail Madness

#thanksgivinggoals-delicious side recipes
photo credit-Oh So Deliciouso

Before you go all pitchforks and torches on me for even suggesting a mocktail at a family event, because, well, family, hear me out. I’m personally not a huge drinker. On rare occasions, I’ll have a glass of wine or whiskey. Every once in a while, I’ll branch out and try a beer. But sometimes you just want a glass of something that looks a little festive and fancy! Enter the Cranberry Lime Sparkler from Oh So Deliciouso. Festive without the booze, but it wouldn’t be hard to make this a not-so-mocktail cocktail. Adding in vodka, or swapping the sparkling water for a prosecco would take it to that level.

And that wraps up my #Thanksgivinggoals-delicious side recipes round-up! Be the responsible adult we all know you secretly are, and impress your family with your skills. Or make them all and stay home all weekend cozied up in your sweats on the sofa. No judgment either way here!

Happy Thanksgiving, readers!

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