#OctoberReads-What I Read Last Month

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#OctoberReads-What I Read Last Month

October has come and gone, and November is well on its way out. Which means it’s time to review everything I read last month. And, uh, it was actually quite a bit. I had several re-reads in there because I was missing those particular stories. I also read several Halloween-themed books, which I loved! All in all, I read 24 (!!) books in October, bringing my gap to two hundred books read in 2023 down to a mere 20 books. I think we all know I will have no problem checking those off before midnight strikes on December 31st. So without further ado, let’s jump into my #Octoberreads. (And no, I’m not going to cover every single book I read, just some of my top picks!)

  1. Highball Rush by Claire Kingsley

    I know I had two books from the Bootleg Springs series on last month’s reading list, but I keep heading back to the series. I can’t help it! Reading about how the most trouble of the Bodine clan finally gets his happy-ever-after is too good!
  2. Pretend Your Mine by Lucy Score

    Call me a sucker, but I do love some romantic storylines. And this one, between Luke & Harper, is a doozy!
  3. The Coworker by Freida McFadden

    Freida McFadden is seriously one of my favorite thriller/suspense authors. While this book does have echoes of Gone Girl, the plot twists will keep you on your toes.
  4. Morbidly Yours by Ivy Fairbanks

    What happens when you mix a socially awkward undertaker with a bubbly cartoon creator? Mayhem. Especially when you throw in the whole married by a certain age to inherit the family business trope.
  5. Happily Haunted Afters by Brittany Kelley

    Second-chance romance? Check! Weird small town? Check! Haunted hotel? Check!
  6. The Paris Roommates by Ava Miles

    Such a cute story of six former roommates coming back together to help their old mentor recover from devastation. I can’t wait for more of this particular series to come out!
  7. Woke Up Like This by Amy Lea

    Imagine crashing face-first into your high school nemesis while decorating for your picture-perfect senior prom and knocking both of you out. Then imagine waking up and finding out that you and said nemesis are 13 years older and engaged. WTF-ery ensues.
  8. Never Lie by Freida McFadden

    Perfect marriage, perfect life, and finding your dream home? Not quite. Like I said, Freida McFadden is the master of twists. And you won’t see them coming.
  9. Ward D by Freida McFadden

    Secrets come out to play in this mind-bending thriller about a med student terrified of spending the night locked in the hospital’s psych ward.
  10. Bewitched By You by Kendra Mase

    A complete opposites attract and finding yourself romance, witchy vibes included.
  11. Awkward In October by Teresa Yea

    What happens when you decide to completely change your life? You buy a house across the country sight unseen and get suckered into a not-so-secret setup by one well-meaning granny.
  12. A Ghost of a Chance by Brittany Kelley

    Are ghostly encounters pushing two wayward souls together? Yep! Sign me up.

I also read a few more Freida McFadden books, several Gregg Olsen books, and of course a whole host of romantic comedies. I would also say, I read probably 95% of these books through Kindle Unlimited. Without my KU subscription, I would not be able to consume books at the rate I do. While I do read physical books, e-books allow me to read so much more, without taking up physical space in my life/house. Something I’m sure my husband is grateful for! If you have a big reader in the family, think about gifting them a Kindle Unlimited subscription for the holidays. Honestly, if they read at least three books a month, the subscription basically pays for itself. Definitely something to think about!

And with that little sales pitch, I’m going to wrap this post up! I can’t believe in just one day, it will already be December. Also, I feel like I say that all the time. I hope you find some books on my #Octoberreads to pass the time with this holiday season, be it traveling or hanging out by the fire or tree.

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