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#WhatIRead-March Reading List

Gosh, it feels like it’s been forever since I did one of these! If you’ve followed the blog for any length of time, then you know I am an avid reader. I set my reading goal last year at 100 books and handily surpassed that. So this year, I set my reading goal at 225 books! I’m currently 5 books ahead of schedule (it’s like I don’t have a life or anything, lol!) and thought I’d return to share my March reading list with you all. Just in case you’re a big reader like me and looking for some good book ideas!

I’m going to change how I share my books this time around. Typical I do a massive book dump and that’s that, but this time I think I will share based on how I would rate the books I read. Let’s jump in, shall we?

I read fifteen books in March, most of them being series. There were a couple of independent books and one that I got about halfway through and then simply could not finish. Most of the books I read were via Kindle Unlimited, so if you have that membership, great! If you don’t, but you read a ton of books digitally, it may be worth a look. We’ll kick things off with my top picks.

5 Star Reads

Sanctuary: A Novel
I first found out about this particular book through the AMC+ TV show. The show was moving a little too slowly for me, so I found the book on Amazon and read it in two days. Loved it! It has plot twists, scandals, and so much drama.

The Inheritance Games
This book is part of a series, however, I only read the first one so far. It is a young adult book, so if you’re not into that genre it might not be for you. I loved the riddle aspect of the story! I found the author to be particularly clever in solving the mystery, but still leaving the story open for the next book in the series to follow.

The Exception to the Rule
A meet-cute romance to the core. Fun and light-hearted. I enjoyed this particular book, and it was also a quick and easy read, which would make it perfect for vacations.

4 Star Reads

Wild Love
I feel like the hockey romance trope is very much a *thing* right now. And if you like hockey, this book is for you. It’s part of the Campus Nights series, which ties into the Wildcat hockey series. Super cute. Actually, all my four-star reads are part of the Campus Nights series.

Secret Puck
A friends to lovers, off-limits because he’s your brother’s teammate situation. What’s not to like?

Bad Crush
Falling for your best friend’s brother is a tale as old as time, but make it hockey.

Broken Hearts
Not your typical broken heart saga, nor the typical hate-to-love storyline.

3 Star Reads

Breakaway & Stealing Home
Both these books are part of the Beyond the Play series. I liked them, they were fun reads. They just didn’t quite wow me as much as the other books I had read over the month.

The Smart Jocks Series
This series was really cute, and one thing I liked about it was the fact that each book tied in really well to the next. So there was a bit of overlap in each storyline. It made transitioning through the series easy and quick.

2 Star Reads

Tutoring the Player & Hating the Player
These were cute books, but I just couldn’t get into the series and quit it after the second book in. Honestly, even though the main characters were completely different people, the storylines just felt too much the same.

And one to add to my DNF list


The Sweetest Obsession

Maybe it’s because I stumbled into the second book in this series, but I could not get into it AT ALL. I’m still linking it because maybe it’s someone else’s cup of tea. And now that I know it’s the second book, maybe I’ll find the first one in the series and give it another go.

That wraps up everything I read for my March reading list! If you’re interested at all in what I’ve read previously, check out my Goodreads account. You can find all my other reading suggestions under my Life & Living section. I’m hoping to find a way to wrap together my love of books and my love of beauty and turn it into a series for the Youtube channel. Stay tuned for that!

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