Dining at Prasino St. Charles-MO Best Bites

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Dining at Prasino St. Charles-MO Best Bites

Very few places hold my heart for breakfast out. Even fewer hold the distinction of being a solid go-to spot for every meal. Prasino St. Charles has held that spot for several years, probably since its opening in 2013. What started as a place to get breakfast, slowly migrated into a place to get lunch, and then, of course, dinner. Located in the Streets of St. Charles, Prasino is a place where you can get that farm-to-table menu without making the trek to the more exclusive enclaves in the city.

Prasino is where you can hold a baby shower brunch or meet up with friends after a jaunt down the Katy Trail. There isn’t a dress code, and between the bar lounge, the beautifully done patio, and the cozy dining room setting, you won’t feel out of place in your fanciest going-out wear or your casual joggers.

Prices range from mid to high, depending on what you order. They also have a pretty expansive drink and wine list, as well as a great happy hour. Now let’s dive into the important part-the food!

prasino st. charles

The breakfast menu is served until 3 p.m., which lets you brunch well into the afternoon! One of the top suggestions when going to Prasino St. Charles for breakfast is to get the Paris Benedict. A sliced and toasted croissant replaces the traditional English muffin and your perfectly poached eggs are covered in the most blissful truffled hollandaise. A top pick if you haven’t had the pleasure of dining there yet.

prasino st. charles

The lunch and dinner menus are pretty similar, so there isn’t a need to put them in different categories in this post. With everything from small bites to flatbreads to steaks, your options for post-breakfast foods are as varied as it gets. I love the lobster avocado as an appetizer and you can’t go wrong with the Prasino burger with a side of the truffled potatoes. Those potatoes are the thing of dreams!

The last great thing about Prasino St. Charles? Try a very clearly labeled menu. You’ll find something for everyone here, from regular diets to gluten-free to vegan meals. All on the same menu. No need to ask for special menus or ordering a bunch of random veggie sides to make a meal.

Prasino is one of the first places I am suggesting to someone when they come to visit and are looking for a great restaurant. Who knows, on any given Thursday you might see me tucked into a corner booth, tapping away on my laptop. Eating truffled potatoes!

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