My Review of Prym’s Ergonomics Crochet Hooks

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My Review of Prym’s Ergonomics Crochet Hooks

If you’ve learned anything about me, it’s probably that I have a million and one hobbies. Crochet is one of my top crafty hobbies, so I’m always on the lookout for anything that makes it a little more fun. Or comfortable. After sorting through my collection of crochet hooks, I realized I had about a dozen 5.5 and 6 mm sized hooks, but not many (if any!) in the other sizes. So when I made my next trip to Michael’s, I decided to grab a few new hooks to add to my collection. And that’s when I stumbled across Prym’s Ergonomics Crochet hooks line. I grabbed a few to try and decided to review them here on the blog since I haven’t found many reviews.

Prym’s Ergonomics Size Range

prym ergonomics crochet hooks

Prym’s Ergonomics line ranges in size from 3mm to 15mm. Prym does make smaller-sized hooks, however not in the Ergonomics line. The 3mm size is fairly small, so you could probably work some lace patterns with it, as well as small amigurumi patterns. The Ergonomics line has plenty of hooks to keep you covered for working with mid-weight yarns to bulky yarns.


Prym’s Ergonomics Crochet hooks are all made of lightweight plastic. The base color of each hook is white. The working end of each hook has a deep groove and slender throat which makes catching your yarn very easy. For the head, the shape comes to a nice point, which makes working tight stitches a breeze. As far as the handle of the hooks, this is where Prym’s design veers off from the traditional aluminum hooks you typically see on the market. There isn’t a wide, flat thumb rest on these hooks. Instead, the handle swells out into a comfortable oval shape, giving you plenty of space to rest your fingers. The oval shape also rotates nicely in your hand, if that is your style of crochet. On each hook, the handle has a rubberized coating added, which increases the gripability of the hook. This coating is also color-coded to each size, making it easy to identify which hook you need for your projects.


prym ergonomics crochet hooks

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, how can a hard plastic hook be any better than an aluminum or wood one? Or better yet, one with a cushioned grip? It’s all in the shape. The oval shape of the handle and the lightly rubberized grip feel soft in your hand. And weirdly, warm in your grip. To compare, I crocheted an amigurumi octopus with a Susan Bates comfort grip hook and worked up a blanket using Prym’s Ergonomics crochet hook in the same size and the ability to roll the hook in my hand with Prym’s helps with hand cramping. While I would gladly use the comfort grip hook over a standard aluminum one, the Prym hooks knock it out of the park for me. They fit my method of crochet nicely.

Overall, if you’re looking for a comfortable crochet hook that won’t fatigue your hands too much, I highly suggest checking out Prym’s lineup. As I said, I originally got my first few from Michael’s but have since ordered the sets from Amazon. You can find them here! Prym also makes knitting needles, as well as a variety of fun and colorful gear and craft accessories, to brighten up your workspace. Happy crafting!

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