Welcome! My name is Stephanie and I am so excited that you made you’re way to my little corner of the internet! I am the blogger, photographer, and content creator behind Amor et Vita, and I am so happy you’re here. 

A quick little background on me-I living in the Midwest, Missouri specifically, and live in a small(ish) town outside of St. Louis with my husband Matt and our two dogs, Axel and Sunnie. 

My Story

I spent the majority of my life being very active and healthy. Shortly before I got married in September 2006, I began to notice changes in my health. I went from having all the energy in the world, to barely being able to keep my eyes open. I also went from having no issues keeping weight off to packing on the pounds despite not having too much of an appetite. At first, I contributed these changes to going from an active job to a more sedentary job and tried to up my activity level outside of work.

When that didn’t work, I began seeking the help of doctors. After several rounds of blood tests and finally seeking the advice of an endocrinologist, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. It’s been a struggle, but I believe that I am on the right path to getting this autoimmune disorder under control!

The Blog

I’ve been blogging for several years on various platforms, but last year decided to really get serious about blogging and the content that I was putting out into the world. I started Misadventures of Me in 2011, and as of December 31, 2019, I have retired that blog and on the first of this year, rolled out Amor et Vita!

Amor et Vita translates to Love and Life in Latin. I have so many things that I am passionate about and am truly focused on living my best life possible. I wanted a place to not only share these things and this journey with others but hope to help others achieve their own love and best life possible.

What to expect to find

As I said, I’m passionate about so many things. You can expect to find posts ranging from recipes to outdoor lifestyle, beauty to travel, and of course health & fitness posts and a good dash of dog hair in the mix.

I use this blog not only to help inspire others (I hope!) but also to hold myself accountable for the positive changes I am working on making in my own life. I’ll post product and recipe reviews, DIY and decor tips, and things that make life better and perhaps a little bit easier!

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