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Yesterday was my birthday. I’ve never been the type of person who dreads an approaching birthday because that just hasn’t been something that crosses my mind. I know several people who told me when I turned 30 to watch out because they got depressed when they turned 30/31/32, but that never really happened for me. […]

Gift Guide: Mother’s Day 2020

Holy cow! Mother’s Day is SIX days away! Which doesn’t leave a ton of time for shopping, especially with a lot of the stores closed, or doing online ordering only. Add in the delayed or uncertain shipping dates, and gift buying can be a bit problematic. So I decided to create a gift guide to […]

Earth Day: Cleaning Up to Green Up

Happy Earth Day! While the pandemic continues to be a battle, and it’s hard to find a silver lining to tragedy, some small good things have been happening to our dear planet. The reduction in travel has helped clear some of the smog surrounding our bigger cities, sea turtles are nesting in droves on the […]

January Wrap Up

Whew! Was it just me or did January seem to drag on for about 87 years? It feels like it should probably be St. Patrick’s Day coming up instead of Valentine’s Day. January was such a busy month for me, with Yogapalooza and everything else that just kind of sneaks in there when you aren’t […]

Skin Care Routine

Skincare is something I’ve really only gotten serious about in the last couple of years. Before it was hit or miss as far as washing my face, never mind what I was actually putting on it. But as time has passed and I’ve spent more time reading and researching what goes into products and how […]

2020 Goals and Beyond

It’s that time of year again! Time to set some goals for the year. I’m not overly fond of calling them resolutions simply because I feel like that term has gotten over-used to the point that it’s almost meaningless for me. So I chose to call it “setting some goals” instead. Same concept, different terminology. […]

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